Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Advent 2015 Day Two

Hmmm...there must be a way.... Peggy Sue thinks to herself.

Now just what should I do?

I know!  Of course!

Peggy Sue sets off with a purpose.

Hey there Alfie, how would you like to come and open an Advent window today with me?  Peggy Sue asks.

Well I don't think Alfie will need asking twice!

We've got to find the number two.  She explains to him.  

Alfie has no idea what a number two looks like, but he is happy to play along as the box with the little windows on looks very exciting to him.

Here we go.  Peggy Sue says as Alfie crawls over.

She opens the little window.  Alfie, see if you can find what is inside while I hold the little door open.  

Alfie reaches in....

... pulls out a little bag.

Here, let me help you. Peggy Sue says.   Some of the bits are a bit small for you Alfie so I will hold the small bits while you hold the helmet.

I think these must be for his wrists and for the helmet.  She muses.

Alfie holds onto the helmet.

Shall we go and put them on the knight?  Peggy Sue asks.

They find the little knight standing proudly on the scene where the boys set him down yesterday.

Alfie is fascinated!

With the help of Peggy Sue he puts the helmet on.

Here, let me put the wrist bands and helmet decoration on Alfie.  Peggy Sue says as she adds the extra accessories.

Suddenly their play is interrupted by Henry.

What are you doing?!  He exclaims.

Playing with Alfie.  Peggy Sue says all innocently.

See?  She points to the the scene where Alfie is happily playing.

But this was supposed to be JUST for the boys!  Henry says.

But Alfie IS a boy.  Peggy Sue tells him.

See, and he is really enjoying himself.

Alfie is completely absorbed.

Yes, that may be, but I know YOU know just what I mean.  Henry tells Peggy Sue, wise to her scheming ways.  Besides I had worked out a schedule of who was going to open which windows and now you have messed it all up!  What am I going to tell Francis as it was his day today.

Peggy Sue hangs her head....realising she has been caught out.  Sorry Henry, I thought it would be okay.  

 I guess no harm is done.  Henry says, feeling a little guilty he may have upset Peggy Sue.  Perhaps she did have good intentions after all.   Just watch Alfie doesn't put any of the small pieces in his mouth.


  1. Ha! Go, Peggy Sue! (I like your woolly...) - Jocelyn

    1. I like my woolly as well Aunty Jocelyn! :-) It was a good scheme of mine wasn't it?

      Loves Peggy Sue

  2. Oh Peggy Sue, I might have guessed you'd find a way to get involved in the Advent Calendar. And was Alfie on Henry's schedule or was the schedule only for the boys who are not babies? I'm sure Francis can pair up with someone else on another day, there are still plenty to go.

    1. Tee hee...I think it may have been a bit sneaky...but it was sure fun and there are lots of days left for Francis to have a go!

  3. Oh Peggy Sue I Love it that you dove right into the Advent Calendar! Little Alfie clearly Loves his knight and is having epic dreams tonight. I am sure Henry will come around because you really did a Great job and Omg your Knit outfits are So Awesome!!! :)

    1. Thank you TiGGy, I think Alfie was thrilled actually and it was good fun. Henry got over it...he usually does. My top was given to me for my birthday by my Aunty Jocelyn :-)

  4. A very scheming move indeed by involing that dear little Alfie! Pleased though that 'Dear' Henry had some 'Health and Safety' thoughts about the Alfie and those tiny parts.
    (Wondering if Peggy-Sue will try again later on in the month!)

    1. Indeed it was! I have no doubt that Peggy Sue will be up to something again at some stage....there doesn't seem to be any holding her back for long.

  5. Hahaha, very clever of Peggy Sue. But she's right of course, Alfie is a boy too ;-). She is dressed lovely too!

    1. Precisely, Peggy Sue, knows just what she is doing! ;-)


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