Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Sixteen

Rory has brought Claudius to open the calendar this morning.

Really is it my turn?  Claudius asks?  

Absolutely Claudius.  Rory says. See if you can find the number 16.

Claudius looks intently.  He looks up and down and across.

Finally he finds it.

Look!  Here it is.  He says as he opens the window.

This is exciting.

Ooh, what 'tis it?  He asks as he shows the boys.

Looks like fire!  

Where are you going to put it?  Rory asks.

Down here.  Claudius says as he gets down onto the floor to play.

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  1. Claudius obviously knows his 'teen' numbers at this very early age! Wondering then if Maths will be HIS favourite subject!


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