Saturday, 19 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Nineteen

Christopher and Annie Matilda have heard that today is the day they are to open the calendar..

Hey you guys didn't have to dress up you know.  Henry says.  After all it is WINTER are going to freeze Christopher.

But everyone else seems to be dressing up Henry.  They tell him.

All three look to see if they can find window number 19.

Annie Matilda tells Christopher that he can open the window as it is more of a boy themed calendar in her opinion.

Christopher opens the window.

Hey look what I have found! Christopher exclaims.

Cool!  That looks like a jewel and a shield for the King.  Henry says.

Christopher puts the jewel on the shield.

Now let's see if this King wants his shield.

He bends down and gives the King the shield. 

The little King feels very well equipped now with his sword and shield.

This is a great themed calendar Henry - can we stay and play awhile.

Of course!  Henry replies.


  1. I just love twins and with the boy/girl combination the best!

  2. Annie and Christopher look so nice in their Phoenix festival outfits. I agree with them that it is a great themed calendar. I am enjoying your posts very much! :) xxx


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