Saturday, 5 December 2015

Advent 2015 Day Five

Ollie, I have a surprise for you.... Peggy Sue tells little Oliver.  It is a secret though Ollie, so you mustn't say anything....

Ollie looks up in adoration - Peggy Sue always has the best surprises!

Ollie takes Peggy Sue's hand and off they go....

Henry stiffles a giggle... he knows Peggy Sue is up to something so this morning he was going to be prepared.

Look Ollie!  Peggy Sue says.  Won't this be fun to open?

Ollie looks at the fun looking box in amazement.  Both are oblivious to Henry hiding behind the Advent Calendar.

Ahem... Henry says as he steps out.  

Peggy Sue gasps, caught in the act .

Uh oh... she thinks. 

Ollie looks up surprised to see Henry there, bewildered about how he suddenly appeared.

What do you think you are doing?  He asks, trying to put on his sternest voice.

Peggy Sue looks down trying to think of a suitable reply.

Um...well...I thought it might be Ollie's turn to open the Advent calendar window today,  she mutters behind her hand.

Is that right? Henry says.

Peggy Sue feeling a little bolder replies....  Yes, as he is a boy, and a toddler, I thought he might need supervision.

Henry looks down on Ollie...Would you like to open the window today?  He asks.

Yes pwease.  Ollie replies.

See if you can find the number five Ollie.  Henry says.  Do you know what it looks like?

Ummm...Ollie searches for what he thinks a number five might look like.

Peggy Sue helpfully points him in the right direction.

That's it Ollie.  Well done.  Henry says encouragingly as Ollie reaches down to the window.

Here it is!  He exclaims excitedly. 

Peggy Sue helps Ollie as he reaches in to pull out the little gift.

Look Henry!  Ollie says while waving his arms around.

He quickly rips open the packaging.

Gwoves!  I gots gwoves to keep my hands warm.

See my new gwoves Henry? 

They are not gloves Ollie.  Peggy Sue tells him.

Ollie looks up astonished. 
What do you mean they aren'ts gwoves?  He asks with a puzzled look on his face.

Peggy Sue explains they are armoury for the horse.

Ollie is still puzzled...he doesn't quite understand - he is sure they are meant for his hands.

Peggy Sue sits down beside him, and shows him how the armoury fits the horse with Henry looking on.

See, this part goes over the horses head and neck - this is to protect the horse from danger.  Peggy Sue explains.

This part is his saddle and rump protection.  Peggy Sue says as she puts the rest of the armoury on the little horse.

Ollie looks on in amazement.  Henry is also slightly amazed - he didn't know Peggy Sue knew much about that sort of thing.

Ollie puts the knight on the horse.

Doesn't he look good?  Henry says to Ollie.

Wasn't that fun?  Peggy Sue asks Henry.

It was, although I still think you are rather sneaky.  Henry tells her.

But it was worth it, they both decide as they watch little Ollie enthralled by the knight.

I likes this.  Ollie tells them...can I opens another window?  

Uh oh...I hope Peggy Sue hasn't started something here....

Not today!  They both say together.


  1. I, like 'Dear' Henry obviously did too, thought that it might not be beyond Peggy-Sue to try again with another of the 'little' ones... but it turns out that she was needed and indeed helpful on this occasion!
    Particularly loved Ollie's reaction to the items from out of window no 5! An educational lesson that he won't foget so easily with it being such a ;'hands-on' experience!

    1. Peggy Sue was indeed needed, and is actually quite a helpful girl really even if sometimes she is a little misunderstood. Ollie loved his 'hands on' experience as well and there have been lots of giggles as I have heard him relay his fun to the others.

  2. Brilliant, Peggy Sue might be sneaky but she is showing that the 'boy's' advent calendar isn't just for the boys - girls like knights and horses too. Well done Henry for knowing that Peggy Sue might try again and keeping an eye on the calendar, well done Ollie for being so interested in everything and making this a fun window opening for all three.

    1. Peggy Sue is really rather thoughtful despite what is sometimes thought to be her devious ways...she always has the best intentions at heart. Love that Henry was prepared though! He is getting to know her very well.

  3. Ollie is precious and this Advent calendar is very special. I am with Ollie and really like it! :) xxx

    1. Ollie is rather sweet, and doesn't always get a chance to join in the fun, so it is good he had fun and enjoyed the Calendar opening.

  4. Peggy Sue you have such a Great Heart <3

    1. Peggy Sue does have a great heart, she is sometimes misunderstood but always has good intentions.


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