Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Eight

Hi there Simon, what are you doing dressed up like an Train Engine Driver for?  Henry asks as he approaches Simon.

Simon bursts into song.  'I've been working on the railroad' 

Henry is rather startled - he has never heard Simon burst into song before.

Well um, it is your turn to open the Advent Calendar today. He says. 

Jolly good.  Simon says.

The boys look for window number eight.

I think I have found it.  Sings Simon.

Here it is!

Simon carefully opens the window for number eight.

Ooh, look at this, I wonder what this is for.  He says.

It looks like a stand of some sort. Henry suggests.

Well I will put it down here and we can see if something arrives for it tomorrow.  Simon says to Henry.

I think it looks like something for swords perhaps.  Henry suggests.

That is indeed what it looks like.

So what are you up to now?  Henry asks Simon.

Simon looks at Henry...

I've got to go back to 'working on the railroad'  Simon sings....

and walks off leaving Henry feeling rather bewildered and wondering what on earth has gotten into Simon.


  1. Simon obviously enjoys working on the railroad!

    1. He certainly does...but then I am hard pressed to find many boys who don't like trains!

  2. 'Dear' Henry certainly seems to be taking charge of the Advent Calendar openings this year.
    Liking how the lads are taking to 'dressing' for this occasion and honour!

    1. Henry is taking his Advent Calendar responsibilities very seriously as you can see. The lads enjoy dressing up very much.


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