Friday, 4 December 2015

Advent 2015 Day Four

I hear the Advent Calendar is all about knights this year.  Nigel says to the lads as he approaches....

What are you doing dressed up in my King Henry V costume Nigel?  Henry asks.

You said you didn't mind.  Nigel replies.

I don't but that was months ago.  Henry reminds him....  I thought you would have changed out of it by now.

But I don't want to.  Nigel tells Henry.  I want to wear it FOREVER!  Anyway it is perfect for this year's Advent.

Forever is a long time.  Henry explains to Nigel.  Still you are right, you are dressed for the occasion...kind of.  Come on let's go and open the next little window.

They boys search for window number four.

Here it is!  Nigel says as he points with his sword.

I think you might have to put the sword down Nigel.  Francis says.

Nigel reluctantly abandons his sword (for now) and opens the window.

It is a big window! He says gleefully.

He opens it up closely watched by Henry.

A horse!  Gwilym says as he looks down at the horse.

Of course!  Says Nigel.  Every good knight needs a horse!

Oh you are lucky to get the horse.  The boys all say.

Hmm....where to put it....  Nigel ponders.

....and ponders....

....and ponders....

Finally!  He places the horse down on the scene.

The boys look on approvingly.  Just need his tack now.  Henry says.

Are you REALLY going to wear that outfit forever?  Gwilym asks Nigel.

Of course.  Nigel replies.

He is odd.   Francis says to Henry quietly....I mean who would wear the same clothes all the time?

The irony is lost on Francis who pretty much wears the same clothes all the time and of course the other boys aren't the best at changing especially often!

I am a Knight and a King!  Nigel announces

Well not strictly speaking.  Henry reminds are only BORROWING my outfit!

Humpfff...Nigel thinks to himself.  I AM THE KING


  1. Lovely to catch up on the calendar again and i can fully understand why that costume is still on Nigel, he looks great in it and very much a King

    1. It has become quite a tradition and is a lot of fun. Doesn't he look fab in it, mind you I think any of the boys would look good in it.

  2. I am surprised the baby left the wee knight in the scene....I'd have thought he'd be off chewing on it, as babies do!!

    1. Ah, well you see Anonymous, Peggy Sue is quite attentive and made sure that he wouldn't chew on it! ; -)

  3. think that it was extremely fitting for Nigel to be wearing the King Henry costume for his opening of the Advent fact it might have been an idea for all the bigger boys to have changed into it for their turn though... not sure what the babies or toddlers could have worn for their opening ceremony unless their mummy could make a younger version?.

    1. Ha ha, thankfully not - and I'm not even going to let them read this comment - the thought of them all changing every day into this costume is frightening - it takes a couple of hours each day just organising this event and recording it! I actually forgot how time consuming it was, especially as I can no longer leave things set up like I have done in previous years. As for making a younger version....not at this stage in time! No sewing for me until the new year I think.

  4. Omg that Knight Outfit is AmaZing!!! <3


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