Thursday, 17 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Seventeen

Hey there stranger, what is your name?  Henry asks.

I don't have one yet...  I am hoping for a new home for Christmas and then hopefully I will also get a name then.  Is the sad reply from the little red head boy.

Well, how would you like to open a window in the Advent Calendar today?  Henry suggests.

Could I?  That would be great fun. 

The boys look for the number 17.

Here it is.   The little lad says.

He opens the window....

...and much to his delight...

Look!  I got a person - he looks like a King!  

He sure does.  Henry agrees.  He certainly looks like he might be old and wise anyway with a long beard like that.

I think he looks pretty cool.  

Now where shall he go.  The little boy wonders.

There you go.  He says as he places him down.

You can walk over the bridge.

That was great Henry.  The boy says. Can we stay and play a while?

Of course we can.  Henry replies.


This charming little red head boy is looking for a new home for Christmas.

Details on my For Sale page which can be found clicking here.


  1. Wasn't that kibnd of 'Dear' Henry to invite him to open a window whilst waiting to find a new home in time for Christmas. He's a lovely looking little chappie, rather along the lines of Rory, so I do hope that he's soon adopted into a good Sasha Doll family.

  2. A very nice Advent post of a wise man or a King. Henry is so polite and nice to the unnamed lad. I hope he finds a good home soon. :) xxx


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