Friday, 11 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Eleven

James, Connor, What on earth are you guys dressed like that for?  Surely you must be freezing James?  Henry asks.

We are training for the next Olympics.  Connor replies

We sure are, aren't we Connor?  James says as he looks at his twin brother.  We have to work really hard.

Well, I hope you have time to fit in an opening of the Advent Calendar.  Henry says.

Of course we do!  They both reply.

There it is James.  Connor says pointing.  Both he and Henry spotted the window with number 11 on it at the same time.

James looks down to where the boys are pointing.

He shows off his gymnastic skills as he stretches down.

Wow, lots of things in this packet.  He says as he holds it up.

Looks like a cannon.

Wow, excellent!  There is also something to fire out of it as well.

Now if I can only work out how to get it in.  He says to himself.

Henry and Connor are looking down and wondering just where it should go.

I think I have managed it.  James says.

Yup, here it goes.  He says as he puts it down.

James places the cannon down onto the little scene.

Lots of artillery there by the looks of things.  James observes.

Right we must be off I am afraid mate, James tells Henry.

Why?  You have only just got here.  Henry asks.

We have to get back to training.  Connor explains.

Henry is greatly impressed by their dedication to their sports.


  1. Is James a shorts boy? If so, he has obviously changed shorts to his sporty shorts for his Olympic training. It seems that Connor was happy for James to do all the window opening and cannon positioning in the scene. And Henry has changed his sweater!

    1. Yes James is a shorts boy which may perhaps explain his fondness for them. Henry thought he ought to change his sweater when it became obvious that others weren't changing theirs.

  2. Was lovely to see the UK Sasha Festival outfits today. Brought back fond memories of 2012.
    Do hope that Connor will get his turn soon as it seems that James did all the activity today.
    Loved the little Cannon!

    1. Fond memories indeed!

      I am guessing Connor may have another turn if I can drag him away from his training....I don't think he minded too much that James seemed to do all the activity.


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