Friday, 18 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Eighteen

Early one morning just as the day was dawning

....there crawled a young lad  

To his delight a treat was in store 

for what did he find but fun galore

He looked at the box with numbers and doors and picked the closest

to open and explore

By chance it was the right number for just the right day

he hoped it would be just what was needed to continue his play

Something in a packet he hoped to open

but before long his eyes grew heavy

for early it was...and before long our wee boy

was drifting off to sleep 

clutching that packet with having had a peep.


  1. Isn't he being a little bit naughty in sneaking in another turn on the quiet... though I'm very curious as to what's in it! Any clues from that end?

    1. This is his first turn...this isn't Claudius, but rather Ginger George.... ;-)

  2. What a precious post of your wee baby running out of steam...sleep tight dear one. :) xxx

  3. Henry is going to have to set his alarm very early to make sure this little scamp doesn't do this again!

  4. How sweet! I didn't realize you were doing another Advent Calendar this year. I will have to go back and catch up.


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