Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Secret Santa Swap - Part Five

Ginger writes:  Finn loves his many gifts from Secret Santa. He was gifted lovely hand made items to include a hat, scarf, sweater, socks and wonderful cord overalls. Sister Jessie loves the stripy socks that are knitted too! The chocolates were enjoyed too!
smile emoticon
Here they are showing off their fabulous gifts.

Well done Secret Santa Emma :-)

These are the last of the photos I have received so far - please remember to send me the photos as it is fun to see what everyone received in this fun swap.


  1. Finn and Jessie are so happy with their gifts. Thank you for arranging the swap and many thanks to the Secret Santa. :) xxx

  2. Who's a very lucky lad then Finn!?!?

  3. This is such a cool Christmas idea. Next year we will participate. Angelo & Adam


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