Sunday, 6 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Six

Hi Thomas, I thought you might like to open the Advent Calendar today.  Henry says as he approaches Thomas.

Great!  I'd love to.  Thomas replies.

It is the sixth today, Henry tells Thomas.

I know!  says Thomas.

Ooh, there is a big window today, I wonder what can be inside it?  Thomas says as he bends down to open the window door.


How strange....

It's not a toy.   Thomas says with a rather disappointed look on his face.

He holds what looks like to be a pack of cards.

The boys sit down

What's this?  They both exclaim.  It is written in a foreign language.

Do you speak any foreign languages Thomas?  Henry asks?

Nope. Do you?  Thomas replies and asks of Henry.

No I do not. Henry says.  

Henry and Thomas look at each other puzzled.

What shall we do?  How will we know how to play this game, if that is what these cards are?  

I think the instructions might be in German.  Henry tells Thomas.

Perhaps we should ask Connie if she speaks German - I think she came from somewhere near Germany...or perhaps Amber...  Thomas says.

Good idea!  Henry agrees.

The boys wander off in search of Connie

Slightly downhearted at the lack of toy, but not ready to give up yet....


Thomas made a very quiet arrival to the family in October.  He was originally going to be a Christmas gift to myself, from one of my family members and has remained in his box until today when I decided he would be a gift to myself for my 20th Anniversary of living in England as he actually arrived just a few days before that date.   I continue to have very mixed feelings about living here and the distance from my parents and a country I love.

Here are his official arrival photos - albeit taken a couple of months after his arrival!


  1. Welcome Thomas! How lovely that you arrived in time for your mummy's 20th year aniversary of coming to live in the UK.
    I do hope that you're not too disappointed about not finding a toy behind your window but I'm sure that you will enjoy playing the card game once the instructions have been translated by one on the Gotz girls.

    1. I think he was a little disappointed, but I am sure he will get over that as he gets involved in playing with the other lads and the activities this little scene will develop.

  2. A new boy is even better than a toy in the advent calendar window. Welcome to Thomas (a handsome lad).

  3. Welcome Home Thomas - Am so Loving These Advent Celebrations!


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