Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Twenty Three

Hamish and Bobby are 'hanging out' chatting - they are wondering what Father Christmas might bring them this year....they are pretty sure they have been good 'most of the time'.

Hi Guys, Henry says as he approaches.  I was wondering where you were.  Do you want to open the window today Bobby.  

Henry's older brother Bobby is pleased to be chosen to open the calendar today.  He has been hoping he would get a turn.  They all look for window number 23.

It doesn't take Bobby long to spot it.

Right here at the top.  He says.

He opens it.

Reaches inside

Pulls out a little bag

Some treasures in here I think.  Bobby says.

The boys look on.

Come on then, open it Bobby. Says Hamish.

Bobby opens it.

Oh look, a baby dragon and something else.  He holds out his hands to show the boys.

I think I will put it down by the treasure chest.  

He looks up.  What do you think?

Looking good Bobby.

The scene is almost complete!  One more day.

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