Sunday, 20 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Twenty

There seems to be a bit of a rumpus going on....

Come back you little Scallywag!

I'm going to get you....

Poor Peggy Sue is being run ragged.

There is a trouble afoot....

Gotcha!  With Henry's help they managed to slow the little one down....for a while.

Golly! What has happened to your hair?  Henry asks with surprise in his voice.

The little scamp looks up at him puzzled...not sure what is wrong with his hair.

Never would you like to open a window today - you might as well now you are here...

They look for window number 20 together.

Peggy Sue points to where it is.

Henry helps hold the little scamp while he opens the window.

Peggy Sue sits down beside him.

Would you like me to help you open the little package?  She asks?

Me do.  Is the reply.

Hmm...I don't think Baby is sure what to make of this.

He tries it on his head....  Nope doesn't fit.

Henry shows him where it goes and explains it is for the sword.

Baby looks at it intently....

Peggy Sue tells the baby all about the legend of King Arthur and the sword in the stone as that is what she was reminded of when she saw it.

Baby listens quietly for a while.....until Peggy Sue suggests it is time to get dressed

...and then he makes his escape!


  1. It looks like his hair is wilder than ever - I can see he is going to keep Peggy Sue very busy. He probably needs the sock treatment over his hair when damp (though this only partly worked for our baby Leo).

    1. It certainly is and yes he is going to keep Peggy Sue very busy....he probably does need the sock treatment but I am not sure he is going to keep it on his head IF they can get him to keep still long enough to put it on.

  2. Poor Peggy Sue! She's wearing a lovely top, though! At least she looks pretty while she's being run off her feet. :-)

    1. She likes her top - it was a birthday present :-) She is being kept very busy indeed.

  3. wow, that little guy is making tracks!! Has Peggy Sue managed to get him into a bath yet?

    1. Who knew a baby could move so fast?! Yes Peggy Sue managed to bath him....but that is about all.

  4. Obviously this is a very active and decisive baby. I wish you all the best of luck with him.

    1. Thank you, I think we are going to need it!

  5. I love this dear baby and especially his hair. It defines him doesn't it? Peggy Sue is the nicest girl to look after this fast moving bundle of joy! ;). I really like her outfit very much and Henry looks very handsome too! :) xxx

    1. He is lovely - I was very taken with him as soon as he saw him....I think he is going to fit in well here, even if he is very wilful and slightly mischievous. Thank you Peggy Sue loves her outfit - the top was from Aunty Jocelyn.


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