Monday, 7 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Seven

Hey Molly, shall we open the Advent Calendar today?  Emily asks.

Sure, why not?  We can do it before we head off to school.  You don't think Henry will mind do you?  Molly replies

Nah, 'course not.  Emily says.... Well, at least I hope not!

Can't believe it is already 7th December today.  Molly says.  We break up from school soon.

So where is the window for number seven I wonder?

The girls look intently.  

There it is Molly.  Emily points.

The girls bend down to open the window

Molly opens it.

Emily takes out the little gift.

Look, I wonder what it is?  Emily asks.

Looks a bit like a bow and arrow.  Emily says 

Shall we give it to Thomas to unwrap as he missed out on an actual toy yesterday?  Molly suggests.

That is a good idea.  Emily agrees.

Here you are Thomas, we thought you might to open today's Advent calendar gift.  Emily says as she hands the package to Thomas.

Really?  Thomas says.

Yes, really.  Emily replies with a giggle.

Thank you, that is really nice of you.  Thomas says.

See Thomas, I told you something would work out.  Henry says.  Open it up and let's see what is inside.

Thomas opens the little gift while the girls and Henry watch on.

Look!  A bow and arrow.  How cool is that?  Thomas says as he holds them up to show Henry.

Give them to the knight.  Henry suggests.

Thomas leans down and gives the knight his bow and arrows.

The little knight looks well equipped for anything now!

Doesn't he look the business?  Thomas says as he looks up at Henry.

The business?  Henry asks.

Yeah, you know, ready for anything.  Thomas explains.

Oh indeed.  Henry replies....

Well Thomas, we have to go to school now.  Emily and Molly tell him.  

Oh, okay, see you later, and thank you!  Thomas says.

The girls head off for school leaving Thomas and Henry with the Advent scene.


  1. I think Peggy Sue's antics have softened Henry up so he doesn't seem bothered about Emily and Molly helping themselves to the Advent Calendar without asking. And they were quite artful to offer the gift to their new brother Thomas in front of Henry. Well done girls.

    1. Perhaps you are right they have, although I think Emily and Molly were a bit crafty and got in their quick before he could say anything and their act of kindness paid off.

  2. Well, I guess that many of us were expecting this to be a lads only opening calendar BUT obviously not!
    Pleased though that the new boy Thomas finally got to open a window gift. (Have you had any luck with translating the pack of cards game yet?)

    1. No, not just boys, but I have to say I am not actually sure how many girls will be interested in opening it as they seem to be busy with the general Christmas decorations and some I know aren't fond of knights etc...

      No luck so far with the card game pack...

  3. Lovely to see Molly and Emily and so nice to bring Thomas into the event. Lovely post! :) xxx

    1. These two girls are actually quite nice girls and Molly especially is very soft hearted... Emily can be a little bossy at times but is still a thoughtful girl.


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