Thursday, 3 December 2015

Advent 2015 Day Three

Well, sorry it is a day later than I thought you would be opening a window Francis, but you know how Peggy Sue is and how she loves her scheming ways....still there are lots of days left and I think Alfie enjoyed himself.  Henry tells Francis.

No problem Henry.  Francis replies.

Gwilym looks on, amazed at how calm they both are...he thinks he might have been a bit annoyed if his turn had been taken.

So where oh where is the number three?  The boys search for it.

Aha!  Francis says as he walks towards it, having spotted it.

He reaches over to open it, watched over eagerly and perhaps a little too closely by Gwilym...

He bides his time....

Opens it and reaches in...

Very slowly as he likes the suspense.

Ta da!  He exclaims.

What IS it?  Henry asks?

A shield and a sword!  Francis says.

That will be perfect for the little knight.  Gwilym observes.

Let's go and give it to the knight.  Francis says.

They walk over to the little scene to find Alfie clinging on to the knight.

I thought you were supposed to be still in bed?  Henry asks.

Alfie giggles....

Can I give the knight the shield and the sword Alfie?  Francis asks.

Alfie looks up, reluctant to relinquish what he feels to be HIS precious knight....but decides he quite likes the shield and sword as well so eventually hands the knight over to Francis.

There you go.  He really looks the part now.  Francis says to the boys.

Look Alfie.  He holds the knight up to show Alfie.

Francis places the little knight down onto the scene and Alfie crawls over to have a closer look.

He is quite impressed.

The knight looks like he is ready for action!

The boys stand and chat unaware that the knight is once again firmly grasped in Alfie's little hands.

This is fun isn't it?  They boys agree.

I can see some sword fighting and enactments being carried out later today!

Alfie though is quite content to hug his knight.


  1. good for Peggy Sue and her scheme - it means Alfie is having fun and Francis still got a turn.

  2. Awesome Peggy Sue, so Nice for Sweet Alfie <3

  3. This knight is certainly getting dressed to become a 'Knight in shinning armour!' Most impressive!


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