Friday, 18 December 2015

A bubble wrapped cocoon.

A strange package was brought to the front door today...

...not an envelope, nor a box in sight....

Just plain bubble wrap with some parcel tape wrapped round it

Egg shaped...sort of...

What?!  It moves?  It talks?

Peggy Sue is the first upon the scene and very startled she is indeed.

Stevie arrives next on the scene

What can it be?  Peggy Sue asks

Who knows?  I've never seen something quite like this before.  Stevie replies

It speaks!  How strange indeed.

Henry approaches to see what all the fuss is about.

It is alive Henry.  Can't you see?  The girls tell him.

Henry isn't so sure....

But wait?  Are they noises they can here coming from the bubble wrapped cocoon?

A rescue mission is needed urgently!  

Quick let us get that bubble wrap off! Henry says.

Peggy Sue wastes no more time and starts to rip the plastic off with Stevie & Henry's help.


What is this we have?

A babe?

Surely not?

They look down on the flailing arms and legs as they try to make contact with something firm.


The babe sits up, looks to his left....

and then to his right....

Coo is me!

I be free!

Peggy Sue, Stevie & Henry look down in surprise at the little grubby urchin...

Come with me...Peggy Sue leads the way.... a bath is in order for you young man

I wonder how successful she will be in bathing him?  


Fortunately no harm came to the little one travelling like this - no box to protect and smooth the way for him...just some bubble wrap and tape to lock him makes you wonder!


  1. I must say I love the expressions on the dolls faces, they are so very sweet! Poor baby travelling like that! He'll be fine now he's part of your family.

    1. They are all so sweet aren't they? Incredible though the packaging!

      All the best for a lovely Christmas Gillian

  2. Sweet baby...and just in time for the holidays!

    1. Isn't he just Happy?! I have a feeling life won't be quite the same in the Sasha/Gregor household now...

  3. looks like this grubby little baby has found a good home, I wonder what his name is and whether his hair will be washed as well as his face and his clothes.

    1. Oh indeed, he has had a full wash, including hair and clothes!

    2. did washing his hair help to tame it or is he going to be an endearingly active baby with slightly wild hair from rolling around on the carpet?

    3. Last I saw he was still crawling round with poor Peggy Sue chasing around after him....his hair is not tamed at all - a bit like him!

  4. A lot of people out there have no idea how precious a doll is, I think they just consider them play toys but then surely they must be surprised at the prices and then think 'I had better wrap this with care'. I'm glad the little one is safe after his ordeal!

    1. I don't know why I am surprised Janet that he arrived like this, but I was...fortunately he was okay.

  5. I can't believe he arrived unharmed, especially with the amount of boxes being shipped during the holiday season. Anyway, he is cute as a button and will be lots of fun for the other kids.

    1. Amazing isn't it?! I was so relieved he was okay.

  6. Welcome little urchin. I look firward to seeing you all cleaned up! Enjoy your new home and your very nice brothers and sisters. :) xxx

  7. To me it looked like he was in a cocoon stage and ready to emerge into a fully fledged Sasha baby.
    IMO his timing was perfect....all ready to enjoy the Christmas weekend.


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