Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Advent Day Ten

As the girls slowly get changed into their Christmas dresses they get a turn at opening the Advent Calendar...

Liebe and Mary Ellen are excited to be opening it today and are trying to guess what might be behind door number ten.

They carefully search for the number ten

Here it is!  Mary Ellen tells Liebe.

Let's open the door together.  

Oh what do we have here?  Mary Ellen asks as she holds the bag up.

Looks like some more ornaments to hang in the bucket that the girls got yesterday.  Liebe suggests.

Sure enough she is right.

We have three today!  They exclaim.

Liebe holds the star, while Mary Ellen has the little tree and lantern.

Let's pop them in the bucket.  They lean down to put them in the bucket.

There, that does it.  They say.

Perfect!  I wonder if there will be any more or if there are just the four hanging ornaments.  Liebe says.

Cute little bucket ornament tree.

Well that was good fun wasn't it?  They both agree.


  1. Building up quite a collection of toys and ornaments

    1. They certainly are, it keeps them busy and occupied everyday as I often see at least a couple of the kids playing with the scene.

  2. Pretty decorations. They would also be rather attractive to take with them when they go carol singing.

    1. What a good idea, I think they might just do that!


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