Saturday, 12 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Twelve

Goodness me, don't tell me you are all dressed up as well!  Henry says in astonishment as Alex walks up.

Well naturally, Alex replies.  After all some of us have to take our responsibilities seriously and as Prince George Alexander Emmanuel, I have a lot of responsibilities.

Do you?  Henry asks.  What exactly are these responsibilities?

Well you know, important stuff.  Alex blunders...  

Oh I see....Henry nods his head wisely.  Well perhaps one of your 'important responsibilities' is opening today's Advent window.

Well of course!  Alex agrees and the boys look for number 12.

Found it!  Alex calls out excitedly.  I mean here it is.  He goes on to say in what he thinks is his 'Prince' like voice.

He tries to remain calm as a Prince might as he opens the window.

But he is finding it difficult....

Look, look, a knight!  He cries out, forgetting all about being a Little Prince.

He looks like he means business!

He certainly does Alex.  Henry says as he looks at the little knight with the fierce face.

I am going to put him down here. Alex says.

Yes.  He can go down here.

Isn't this exciting Henry?  Alex asks.

Henry looks down at Alex who is getting stuck into playing.,...forgetting all about his 'responsibilities' as  a Prince.

I think they are going to have fun playing together today.


  1. oh, I hope the little knights are on the same "side" and not enemies!!

    1. Who knows Marti?! Will be interesting to find out.

  2. Alex is a handsome Prince and it is nice he found the knight. Lovely. :) xxx

    1. He is indeed a very handsome prince isn't he Ginger? :-)

  3. Another Knight on the scene so guessing that there will be a battle sometime soon.
    PS. Noticed that you have now managed to get the missing blue silk sash for your Prince Gregor outfit.

    1. I think you might be right Kendal.

      Yes...but it involved buying a Prince Gregor with the jewel on the sash! I then sold the Prince Gregor minus his outfit! What we will do to keep our Gregors & Sashas happy eh? I think that was late last year actually....the Gregor went to someone local who bought him for her little girl (or was it boy?) for Christmas - so I hand delivered him.


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