Thursday, 10 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Ten

Henry is so pleased to have Rory home.  He can't quite get over seeing him again and they have a lot of catching up to do.

As they stand talking Caleb approaches.

Hey there Caleb. Rory calls.

Hey there back Sailor.  Caleb replies. What do you think of my dressing up outfit Rory?  

You look great Caleb - but isn't it a bit cold now to be going round dressed like that?  Rory asks. is kind of a bit cold at times.  Caleb admits.  But I like this outfit so much I want to keep wearing it.

Fair enough.  Rory says.  

Henry is not so convinced.... which is rather funny as he seems to have developed rather a fondness for his Bull Terrier jumper.

So guys, it is my turn today is it?  Caleb asks as he looks for the window for today.

They all search for the number ten window

A ha!  Here it is.  Caleb says.

Oh and it is a big window as well - I wonder what is behind it.  He says as he opens it up.

Looks like some weapons. He says.

Sure enough yet more weapons for the scene. 

I wonder when we are going to get another knight to use the weapons?  Henry wonders.

Now where shall I put them. Caleb asks.

Down here will do.

The lone knight has plenty of choice - but what is he going to need them for?  

The boys all wonder just what the knight needs so many weapons for.

Are you going to get changed out of your Sailor uniform Rory?  Caleb asks Rory.

Are you going to get changed?  Rory asks Caleb

Henry just looks on - wondering what has got into everyone lately!


  1. The boys are clearly into dressing up for character play while doing the Advent calendar - Simon in his railroad worker outfit, Rory in his sailor outfit and now Caleb all dressed up for Swiss mountains (in the summer though).

    1. They are having a lot of fun dressing up and very involved in their character play at the moment, although how some aren't freezing I have no idea!

  2. These Swiss outfits always look so attractive on the darker Sasha Dolls. Is this one of Jean Jensons? It certainly looking like it!
    Seems that there is a lot of weapons appearing. Now wondering if there's going to be a fierce battle in the not too distant future.

    1. Yes this is one of Jean Jenson's outfits and very special to us.

      There certainly do seem to be rather a lot of weapons...certainly more than I anticipated!


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