Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A tea party...

Another wet day has been keeping the kids inside.  

The girls have been very enterprising though and organised a tea party.

Harper, Jane and Judy set up a little table with cups and saucers.  Harper has already donned the apron.

"You can pretend to be Mum" says Judy to Harper  

"I'm hanging up the bunting" Jane says while Harper and Jane discuss who else they should invite

"Amelia is already here sitting on the cushion, but who else shall we ask?" Harper asks Judy.

"Why don't we ask Alice, she is so good at reading" Judy replies.

Amelia is fascinated by the bunting and watches Jane with interest.  

"Shall I read Peter Rabbit to you Amelia?"  

"Yes peas Alice"

"Why don't you go the other side Judy and you can serve the sugar and milk?"  Harper asks.

"Is this better Miss Bossy Boots?"  Judy says cheekily to Harper

"Well you did say I could play Mum!" retorts Harper who likes to take control...

Judy glares at Harper thinking there could be problems here...as she too likes to take control...must be their fiery red hair!  Let's hope sparks don't fly...

In the meantime Jane listens in on the story Alice is reading Amelia...


  1. Lovely pictures of the girls! I imagine with the Diamond Jubilee coming up, this will be the first of many Sasha tea parties!

  2. Amelia looks such a good little spirit, she really suits her name. Lovely photos of the girls' tea party. I did enjoy the fun.
    Love Mary x

  3. Their preparations for the tea party look like a rehearsal for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - the colour scheme is right and very pretty.

    Funny how there is always one bossy girl!

  4. Is this a trial run for the Jubilee street parties then? Love the red, white and blue colourings especially the bunting, table cloth, cushions and apron. Are these some results of your quilting and patchwork group? Makes me wish that I had the time and patience to set up these little Sasha scenes as they are really delightful but I'm more one of these 'grab a doll and maybe a prop' plonk them down, shoot a photo or two and then remove and put back away kind of folk.
    Thanks for a truly 'British' post!
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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