Monday, 7 May 2012

A Rainy Day - Harry's Holiday with Henry

Henry and Harry were very excited first thing this morning when they looked out the window as the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  Yippee they thought Mum can take us to the woods today.

Sadly Mum woke with another stonking headache, this time so bad she could hardly stand.  So much for thinking it had gone yesterday.  Not only that but it wasn't long and the sky clouded over and the rain came down, and down and down...  So what else for two little boys to do.  They have watched a DVD,  played games and kept themselves relatively busy.  They did try and go and see what the girls were up to, but their bedroom door was firmly shut with a sign up that said 'No boys allowed!'  

Harry is trying out some glasses...while using Henry's Macbook to write an email to his Mum.

'I'm going to tell her all about what we did yesterday", Harry tells Henry.  "I'm also going to tell her how cold it was last night...3 degrees Celsius!  Isn't that a bit ridiculous for May?"

"It sure is", replies Henry.  "Good thing we didn't sleep outside in our tents, we would have froze!". 

"How do I attach a photo Henry?"  Harry asks.

Henry shows him how to do so.  It all goes quiet....

"Let's read about Harry Potter" Henry suggests.

"Oh yes, that is a good idea", enthuses Harry.  "After all he has MY name".

"Yeah and he wears glasses.  So it must be pretty cool to wear glasses"  Henry tells Harry.

"Well what about these ones?" Harry asks Henry..."I was given two pairs to try to see which I like best"

"Do they give me a studious look"  Harry asks while thinking...

"Or maybe this pair, that I was wearing while using the laptop?"  Harry muses.

Henry thinks...

Leaning back in a relaxed manner he replies wisely...


Okay, so perhaps  not so wisely.

Henry continues, "I think Harry Potter wears round glasses..."

"Maybe you should add the two photos of you wearing the glasses to your Mum, to see what she thinks"

"Anyway I've finished my book now, do you want to swap".

"Okay" Harry replies, while handing the book over to Henry.


  1. What wonderfully quiet and considerate little boys for their mother's bad headache especially after the disappointment of not being able to go to the woods today as planned due to the weather. Our gardens are in need of rain but there has been none here for well over a week now.I even had to manually water in my 'weed and feed' that I'd put on the lawns. (We haven't a hose-pipe ban up here and are indeed sending water to those in need of it down south.)
    Another delightful post with the two 'H's.'
    Love the little Harry Potter books.
    Sasha love from Kendal.
    PS. Hope that your headache soon passes.

  2. Thank you for another adventure with Harry and Henry. The two boys seem so familiar as does the rainy weather. Just like a Bank Holiday Weekend which turns out to be different than expected. The boys managed to find amusement and were nice and quiet for their Mum who had worked very hard the day before.
    Hope things improve with rest.
    Love Mary

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Look after yourself xx

  4. Hi Lorraine, hope you are feeling ok again! Love the stories and the pictures. All very nicely done. I can appreciate the work that goes into these stories! xxx


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