Thursday, 24 May 2012

Blondes have more fun?


Four blonde girls standing in a row.

Ellery, Clementine, Marcia & Bethany

Six blonde girls standing in a row

Charlotte, Ellery, Clementine, Marcia, Bethany and Serena

Eight blonde girls standing in a row.

Alice, Charlotte, Ellery, Clementine, Marcia, Bethany, Serena & Victoria

Ten Blonde girls standing in a row

Alice, Sally, Charlotte, Ellery, Clementine, Marcia, Bethany, Victoria, Serena & Sasha

I realised this morning after posting this that I'd forgotten to take photos of one of my blonde girls.

Not only that but when I undressed her from her original clothes I realised that I'd never taken them off before as I was surprised to see a number written on her chest!  So I went the whole way...I have redressed her AND taken her hair out of her plait!

Gotz Ira, wearing a little outfit I have made from 'upcycling'.  The skirt is part of my 'one dress challenge' (seeing how many items I can make from one little dress bought from the charity shop)  and the leggings and  t shirt I have made from a large ladies t shirt.

I'm thinking perhaps I should have tucked the t shirt in so you could see the pretty detail at the top of the skirt.  Never mind, another day.


  1. WOW! That's a lot of blondes! I thought the redheads were your favorites, but maybe not! LOL! All very pretty! You have an amazing collection.

  2. The girls look lovely all together in their summer clothes

  3. Four, six, eight, ten and then there was eleven lovely little blonde girls all very prettily dressed for the Summer.
    Love the fact that they all have names too. Wish that I could settle down to name some more of mine...just never seem to have the time to apply myself to this task! Luckily I was ok with the boys as there aren't quite so many of them.
    Sasha love and thanks for yet another enjoyable post. From Kendal.


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