Friday, 25 May 2012

Welcoming Claudius to the family.

Before we went to Devon we had been expecting a rather exciting parcel to arrive...however it didn't arrive until after we had left...what was in the package?  Well some goodies for Henry and Harry.  A pair of fabulous jeans each, some wellie boots, a couple of sleeping bags...I think the boys are planning on sleeping out tonight.  A gift from Harry for Henry (which he hasn't given Henry yet"  The lovely teddy bear that Harper gave the girls and of course some clothes for Harry.

There was also a little someone special in there...

A brother for Henry.  Yes that is right.

Henry takes the little toddler by the hand.

"Hello Claudius, I'm your new brother Henry and this is Simon" 

Harry wanders over.

"Hello Claudius, you will love it here it is great fun!"  Harry reassures Claudius, who is still looking up at Henry rather in awe of him.

"I thought we would play with the tram" Harry suggests.

Claudius and Simon watch the boys playing with the tram.

"This is like the tram we went on down in Devon"  Henry tells Claudius.  "It is such a shame your journey took so long, you would have loved it down there".

Simon and Claudius continue to watch the boys re-enact their tram journey.  Simon then wanders off to get some cars so that he and Claudius can join in the game.

He gives Claudius a little truck to play with and then gets down on the floor himself to join in the game.  Henry chooses a car to play with as well, while Harry sticks with the tram.  Claudius continues to watch the game shyly.

I don't think it will take him long to join in the fun.  It is such a lovely day out there today I am sure the boys will all be traipsing outside soon to set up their 'camp'.

Claudius: Arrival photos.


  1. Love your new boy Claudius, well he is a red!,and it will be nice for Henry to have a little brother.

  2. Claudius is so sweet, he is a nice addition to your collection, and seems to mingle well with the bigger boys already. Congratulations,Fanny

  3. Gosh! Some super items arriving at yours then. Great to receive a Sasha/Gregor linked parcel especially when there is a doll included.
    Love the way Henry is holding Claudius' hand.
    Wonderful to have a model of the tram to remind them of their recent adventures. 'Dinky Toys' are always a firm favourite with the boys. I too did have a good collection when I was younger and surrounded by brothers which I kept eother in their original boxes or wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a cardboard box so that they wouldn't get scratched or damaged. My oldest brother often likes to relate the story of how I would never let him play with more than one of mine at a time in case he played 'crashing' and chipped any of their paintwork. All in vain though as the moment I went off to boarding school they took control of them and were never seen in that minty condition again. One of the snags I guess of being part of a large family!
    Sasha love from Kendal.
    PS. Looking forward to seeing the camping out post later on.

  4. Oh, a little brother! How sweet he is! What size is he? I thought all Sashas were 16 inches tall or the baby size with bent legs. I have a lot to learn about these dolls still!

  5. He is about 13 inches high Bama. Same body size as baby sasha but without the bent limbs.


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