Friday, 4 May 2012

Holiday with Henry - The Red Twins Arrive!

Henry, the boys and the girls have all been excited since they heard that The Red Twins, Harper and Harry were coming to visit them and stay for a while.  What they didn't know was quite when they would arrive.  Such a surprise when there was a knock at the door this morning and a box was handed over...

"Oh my, this looks like one of the travel boxes I came in",  says April...

"Quick let's open it up and see who is inside."  Jane says excitedly.

"Did Mum say we were getting another brother or sister?" asks April

"I wouldn't think so", said Henry. "I think you and Saffron are the last to arrive for a while..."

"Hello, anybody in there?"

"Yes, its me", a voice replies.

"Gosh it is a bit hard clambering out of here isn't it?"

"Here I'll help you", volunteers Henry.

"Oh you must be Harper", the girls chorused, as Harper stands there looking rather dazed and dizzy after her journey. 

"I think you must have stood up too fast", says Jane wisely...that's what happens to Mum sometimes if she stands up too quickly, she gets dizzy.

"Shhh", said Henry.  "I'm trying to hear if there is anyone else in there.  Aren't you supposed to be travelling with Harry?"

"I'm sure he was with me", Harper replies, as the girls all approach the box to have a look

"There look, whose head is that?!"

"Surprise!" Harry calls as he jumps up and waves to Henry, while Henry waves back.

"Hey, you got out of the there quickly", Henry says

Bear Hug....

After that slightly 'manly' show of affection the boys stand off from each other bit and survey each other.

"You're taller than me", Henry says while looking up at Harry. "And I think you are going to be cold in those shorts and sandals, the weather is terrible and apparently it is going to get colder this weekend."

Harry looks out of the window worriedly.  
"Never mind", Henry reassures Harry.  "I'm sure I've got something you can borrow, or my Mum will make you something warmer.

In the meantime Jane seems fascinated by Harper's hair colour.

"Look your hair is so much darker red than mine."

April looks on shyly, while Harper has a slightly apprehensive, but also slightly stubborn look on her face...

"We should do a hair comparison...we have got other red headed sisters in our family...come on lets go and meet the rest of the girls...", Jane and April say together and they wander off...asking lots of questions and talking...

"How long are you staying for?"
"How old are you?"
"I like your dress it really suits you"



  1. What a darling box opening and story! You really have a knack of posing and creating!

    I am so envious of your beautiful redheads!

  2. Haha so thats how it's done! Bonnie and Dorcas will have to come for a 'visit' ( wink wink) and forget to go home again.....

  3. No, they really are only visitors Dee, coming on holiday for a few weeks and go home in June sometime...they will either be collected at the Sasha Festival or will have to go back in their travel box and go by good ol' Royal Mail.

  4. The arrival of a 'sashadolluk' box always conjures up excitement, even my regular postman greets me with 'Another doll then?' He's yet to realise though that if it's the bigger sized box that there might be TWO dolls nestling inside...not that that happens here a lot but on two occasions when it has I just allow myself a little inward smile! You quickly scribble your signature, quickly close the door, your heart beating ten to the dozen as you open the box, praying that she looks as lovely as her photos. The next hour flies by as you hold and admire and take it to meet the others.
    New dolls here then get to stand on the mantlepiece for the rest of the day so that they are at my eye level to glance at as I pass by!
    Lucky you to have had an extra pleasure of all that with these delightfully customised by Shelly twins and not only that but they are staying with you until the festival towards the end of June. Will be hard to part with them then though as you're sure to have fallen even more in love with Harper and Harry.
    A great post with your two Gotz girls opening the box and greeting the new two. Especially like the photo of the three girls comparing their red hair tones.
    Sasha love and thanks, from Kendal.


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