Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The boys at play

"Oh no look at that" Henry points out to Harry.

"Looks like a cat has been in the garden and caught a bird" Harry replies.

"How sad, poor bird" Henry says.  "I hope it doesn't get the little Blue Tits nesting".

The boys wander off discussing the poor bird.

"What shall we do?"  Harry asks Henry.
"How about we go skateboarding?"  Henry suggests.

The boys get their skateboards and decide to have a race down the driveway.

"Ready, steady, go!"

Off they go down the hill...

Fortunately it looks like they made it safely down and back up again.

"That was good fun wasn't it Harry?"  Henry asks.

"Sure was Henry.  What shall we do now?  Shall we play on your space hopper?"

"Okay, you go first" Henry replies.

Harry laughs, "This is fun!"

"Your turn Henry"

Henry looks very thoughtful...

"What are you thinking about Henry?"

"I don't know really"  Henry replies....  "I think I was just remembering how much fun it was riding on the steam train last week".

"It was fun, wasn't it?"  Harry agrees.  "I think it was a swell holiday".

"It sure was!"

With that Henry bounces off down the hill on the space hopper!


  1. I'm fascinated by all the doll sized props you have got. Where do you find them all? I was marvelling at the laptops the other day and now a mini space hopper!!


  2. Great that Henry and Harry get on so well together can occupy
    themselves without making any mess or getting into any trouble. When is Harry (and Harper) going to Carol, their real Mother?
    Has Henry got another Gregor friend there at your house? (I know that he has Bobby.) If not, he is going to be very lonely after all this fun and action not to mention holidays with his friends.
    Sasha love especially to dear Henry, from Kendal.

  3. Harry and Harper go to Carol at the Sasha Festival. Henry is indeed going to miss Harry, they get on so well. He will have to find himself another friend. I have a couple of lovely 68 boys, but they tend to stay inside ;-)

  4. Nice to see the boys out in the garden enjoying this fab weather!

  5. Adorable! You have the cutest toys for your dolls! I had something very similar to Henry's space hopper when I was a kid. It was called a Hoppity-Hop and I loved it! :o)


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