Saturday, 5 May 2012

Knitting for boys

I haven't really been able to do any sewing or knitting this last week due to having been plagued with bad pain and a headache/migraine that I just haven't been able to shake.  However last night I did get out my knitting to finish the sleeves on a little jacket I was making for one of my Kidz n Cat's boys that I started the beginning of April.  This pattern is called 'Urban' by Debonair Designs and is a great pattern to knit.  Like all of Deb's patterns that I have tried so far, this is clearly written and very easy to follow and knits up exactly 'like it says on the packet'.  I wanted an 'earthy' look for the one I was making so used some of my wool (Naturally Heather) I bought from New Zealand while I was over there.  I am wishing I had bought more now as I only bought two balls of each colour that I wanted, and I am quickly using it up!  It wasn't cheap though...

Modelled by Kidz n Cats Bobo, currently renamed Bobby until anything better comes to mind.

I added the leaf buttons in different colours.

Seems to be just the thing for this cold and miserable spring weather we are getting

Need to make him some trousers now, it is far too cold for shorts!

I have also been working on a vest/tanktop for Henry.  I have been trying various patterns that I have either found or bought, but not really been happy with any of them as I wasn't achieving the look I wanted.

I sat down in the end with some graph paper and drew out the pattern and worked from that.  I'm still not happy with the neck line, but so much closer to achieving 'that look'...

Again this was using some of my New Zealand Wool, this time Naturally Aran Tweed which is 95% NZ Merino and 5% wool knops.

Please note I will be revamping my Henry's Fashion for Gregor: For Sale page this weekend, with a new layout and new items.


  1. What a great sweater & vest! Love the colors, and the leaf buttons just top it off perfectly. Nice job!

  2. Lorraine, you are so strong, always going on with your doll clothes, if you are feeling well or not. I admire you for that!
    The knitted cardi has a wonderful colour and looks very soft.How nice to picture it against the same colour in wood. Looking forward to see the next NZ clothes.Fanny


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