Sunday, 20 May 2012

Devon Day Three Part One & The Girls do some Washing.

On the Wednesday we set off for our 'Round Robin' trip.  Starting with a 25 minutes bus trip between Paignton and Totnes.  We had hoped for an open topped bus, but unfortunately they didn't have one running on the Wednesday only a double decker so we sat up there instead.  

Arriving at Totnes the first thing the boys wanted to do was to visit the castle.

Under the English Heritage stewardship Totnes Castle is a Grade 1 listed monument and is one of the best preserved examples of a Norman motte and bailey castle in England. The surviving stone keep and wall dates from around the 14th Century and sits on a large hill above the town of Totnes and commands great views of the valleys below. 

Henry and Harry are very impressed by it.

They can't wait to explore and are soon off climbing up the steps...

With their two new friends they find an ideal spy hole.

What a shame you didn't bring your long bows!

They chat for some time about what it must have been like all those hundreds of years ago.

Climbing and exploring castles is thirsty and hungry work.

Sitting within the stone walls they enjoy their morning snack continuing their chatting.

Part Two, the boat cruise between Totnes and Dartmouth coming tomorrow...


Harper and Molly are busy helpful girls indeed

"Those boys certainly get their clothes all mucky don't they?" Molly states to Harper.

"Shall we do the washing for your Mum?" Harper suggests.  "Let's load it all in the machine"

Harper holds the door open for Molly, while she loads the washing machine.

"Do you think these can all go in together?"  Molly asks.

"I think so" Harper replies..."I think we put them on a hot wash...or was it a cold wash?"

"I think it must be in between...not too hot and not too cold"  Molly says.  

"There, about 40 degrees should do it I think.  I'm sure that is what Mum sets it at"  

They put some powder in the machine and turn it on and wander off to play.

Let's hope they got it right!


  1. Loved the boys day out! Next time can we see them do their own washing? ;)

  2. I agree with Floss...why should the girls have to do the washing :)

  3. Because it is a novelty ;-) and they know that boys NEVER wash their clothes! ;-)

  4. Now I know which of these activities I would choose given the choice!
    Looks like Henry and the boys are having all the fun and adventures. It's a wonder you haven't got a 'Girl's strike action' on your hands.
    I just adore looking round any remaining Motte and Bailey Castles when I get the chance (though I doubt whether I could have made it up all those steep steps these days.) They are just stepped in history and I loved studying the Norman period. Probably my favourite.
    That's a delightful little washing machine that the girls are using, the perfect size. Love the plastic washing basket too. Looks like they are making a good job of the boy's 'coloured' wash.
    A superb post again. Enjoying every minute of them. Keep up the good work.
    Sasha love and thanks from Kendal.


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