Friday, 18 May 2012

The boys return - Topsham & The Ex Estuary

The boys are home!

We all had a fantastic time in Devon with Laura and her gang and thank her and her family so very much for having us to stay and making us feel so welcome.

We arrived on the Monday 14th May, late afternoon after a journey of  four hours on the train.

Laura took us to the village of Topsham so we could enjoy the late afternoon sunshine and go for a walk along the Ex Estuary.

The boys enjoyed the museum garden.

Harry looks like he is on a mission...

Ah, that is why!  Headstands and acrobatics...Henry looks on...impatient to go on the Estuary Walk.

Armed with their binoculars, camera and bird watching book they eventually head off along the walking path to the Estuary lookout.

Henry looks rather laid back while Harry and Freddy are slightly more serious about the birdwatching.  

"What birds do you think we will see?" Freddy asks Henry.

"I'm not sure" replies Henry, "but I've got the bird book so we can identify them".

"I'll keep a lookout" says Harry.

"I'm hoping to see a heron" Henry tells Freddy.  "There was one on the roof of Mum's sewing studio last week, but we weren't quick enough to take a make sure you are ready with the camera in case we see one".


  1. Looks like they had a good time!

  2. Great to see the three boys together enjoying an educational hobby. I hope that they let Henry have a go of the binoculars and camera as he doesn't seem too interested in looking in the bird identifying book.
    Looks to have been a really lovely evening there with the late sunshine over the Ex estuary. I always love this time of the day in the Summer months.
    Sasha love and thanks for the first glance into your mini holiday in Devon. From Kendal.

  3. Welcome Back! You all seem to have had a fab time whilst you were away!

  4. Welcome home! Looks like everyone had a great time. :o)


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