Thursday, 3 May 2012

Whheee, look at meee...

If Henry goes anywhere by car, his usual companion is Emily my brunette Gotz girl who went to Germany with him.  However as we were visiting our friends in Cambridge and they had sent me an article on American Girl Dolls, I thought I would take Kirsten, my Ebay bargain AG to show them.  Of course they have to be strapped in safely.  I wonder if Saab knew when they designed this booster seat that it was going to be used for dolls?!    I have such a good husband who happily goes along with this, he even makes jokes about how good they are in the back with no arguing etc...  In fact Henry stood beside him while he ate his dinner...he would have sat beside him, but there wasn't enough room...Shhh don't tell!

So anyway the rest of the photos from yesterday when Henry went to play in the park...

Come on Dad, help me on the slide...

That's it, you can let go now


Look at meeee!

Down I go... 

And like any child he was soon back up the top asking for more!

We had a lovely lunch in 'The Lazy Otter' beside which is this little marina.

It was a lovely day with friends.


  1. What a fun outing for all of you. I think your hubs enjoyed it as much as Henry! :o)

  2. Great fun was obviously had by all!

  3. Yup, they don't argue in the back seat, no wonder he doesn't mind them.

  4. I just love these family days out!
    Looks as though your husband and Henry were enjoying some good quality time together here on the slide. I was almost expecting to see him up there too with Henry on his lap travelling down the 'slippery slope' at great speed!
    Very peaceful and picturesque luncheon venue overlooking the small marina. (Where was Henry here? Tucking heartily into his food I'm guessing after all the outside exercise and fresh air.
    Thanks for the great post. From Kendal.

  5. On re-viewing this post I realised that I had rather quickly 'passed over' the photo of Henry strapped in the car's boaster seat with your AG Doll to see the rest of the children's slide photos. Loved it. Great fun and smiled at your husband's comment on the 'no arguing' coming from the rear passengers BUT do they ask that never ending children's question...'Are we nearly there yet?'
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  6. I had to smile at this comment Kendal having experienced it both a lot as parents and also remembering as a child frequently asking it.

    No they don't! Isn't that the best? No arguing and No asking 'are we nearly there yet?'!


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