Saturday, 26 May 2012

The boys go camping.

"Let's make a bivouac shelter to camp in tonight"  

"That sounds like fun"

"We'll need to gather some poles and sticks"

They gather some long poles and start making their shelter by pushing them into the ground at angles.

`'Make sure they are in the ground firmly". 

"Do you think that is good enough?"  Henry asks.

"Sure.  Now we need lots of ferns and brush to cover it up with"  Harry says.

"I don't think we are going to be able to find any of those in the garden"  Henry replies.

"Well perhaps we can use an old cloth or something instead?"   Simon suggests.  "I don't think it is going to rain tonight so we should be okay".

"There, that should do it"

The boys rush off to grab a blanket for the ground and their sleeping bags.

"There, what do you think?"  Harry asks, as he sits back on the sleeping bags looking up at Henry.

"Looks pretty good to me" Henry replies.

Simon seems somewhat distracted.

"What are you thinking about Simon?"  Henry asks.

"Well....we should gather some wood and make a camp fire"  Simon replies.

"Oooh do you think your Mum will let us?  Harry asks

"Yeah, sure..." Henry replies doubtfully.

Simon and Harry make an area for the fire while Henry gathers some firewood.

"There, pretty good don't you think"  Simon and Harry ask Henry as he approaches.  

They seem rather fascinated by the fireplace they have made.

"Does look pretty good"  Henry agrees.

"So what do we need now?"  They boys ask Henry.

"Food of course!" Henry replies.  "As I gathered all the firewood, you two can go and get some food and something to cook it in.  I better check with Mum that we can light our fire"

Simon and Harry go and get some cooking utensils and some food.

Henry checks with Mum about the camp fire and receives very strict instructions about what to do.

Simon & Harry come back armed with some cups, plates, a tin of spaghetti and some bacon, sausage  & eggs.

"You can be cook Harry"  

"Simon you keep an eye on the fire"

Henry collects some more wood while the boys cook the dinner.

"Just in time Henry"  Harry tells Henry as Henry drops the firewood.

"It's time to eat now".  Harry dishes up the dinner and they all tuck in.

A little while later, the dinner is finished and the plates and cups are all sitting in the frying pan waiting to be washed...

Henry is finishing his hot chocolate drink and Harry and Simon seem to be attempting to play with their slinky.

"I think you really need stairs for this to work properly"  Henry comments.

"Nah, it is working"  Simon replies.  "Look"  He lets go of it on the rock they are sitting on and it drops down.

"Well I guess it sort of works"  Harry says.

The boys enjoy sitting in front of the camp fire telling each other stories.

"Don't tell any scary ones"  Henry comments...

"Don't worry Henry, I've got something for you that will keep the nightmares away"  Harry says and he rushes off to get a gift he has been waiting for the right time to give to Henry.

"It is especially for you"  Harry says.

Henry looks surprised while Simon looks on.  Harry hands a cute teddy bear over to Henry.

"Oh, for me?" Henry gasps.  "Thank you so much, I LOVE him".  

Henry gives his new teddy a big hug.  

"I'm going to call him Harry"  Henry tells Harry.  "That way I will always think of you and our holiday together, even after you have gone home"

"Don't worry Henry, I have got a few more weeks with you yet"  Harry reassures Henry.  "Don't forget we can always write or email each other"

With that the boys get into their pyjamas ready for the night.

They enjoy a game of Ludo first.  Henry makes a move. 

"Your turn now Harry"  

Harry makes his move.  "This is good fun isn't it?  He says.

After a while when the game is finished they snuggle down into their sleeping bags for the night.

Harry's Mum Carol made two of the great sleeping bags and pillows especially for Henry and any guest he may have staying with him.  The one in the middle arrived a couple of days ago from a friend in Germany who thought of the boys when she found it.  Wasn't it nice of her to send it over for them?  I am sure Simon is relieved otherwise not sure what he would have slept in!

Henry has his little bear Harry tucked into his sleeping bag with him.

Mum checks on them and makes sure the camp fire has been put out which it has.

"Goodnight boys"  

"Night night"  They chorus together.

They chat for a while, a long while...before they fall asleep.


  1. Great activity and fun happening over at your house from the looks of things today. Some super survival skills are definitely being put to good use with all this fine outdoor weather we are having of late. No one seems to be starving or even getting hungry and they all look very cosy and warm in their sleeping bags overnight. Not that much sleep will have been had if these modern day 'sleep-overs' are anything to go by.
    How are they all today? tired and irritable, wanting to go back to sleep or 'up and at it' in full force again? Perhaps more to the point, how is their Mother feeling? Exhausted and dreading the thought of all the tidying up that will have to soon be done?
    Pleased to see that the new little Teddy Bear got to join in with the 'boy's fun.
    Sasha love and thanks for the superb entertainment. From Kendal.

  2. Another fun story with great photos and props. Your blog is so much fun!

  3. Wow very pretty and natural, I like your boys!


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