Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Photo Shoot.

The other week I asked Fanny from The Netherlands if she would like me to post some photos of her beautiful Sasha girls on my blog.  She said yes and so today I would like to show you four of her gorgeous blonde and red head Gotz girls.

They have put their pretty home made dresses on

They line up trying to decide how the best position to pose should be...

One of the pretty blonde girls sits down...

As does one of the gorgeous redhead girls.

Perfect photo shoot.

Thank you girls and thank you Fanny for these wonderful photos.


  1. They are beauitful, especially the redhead sitting down. She's my favorite of this group, although all are gorgeous!

  2. What a superb idea and a a rare and wonderful treat for us to see these four of Fancis' very pretty Gotz girls. Everyone knows by now how much I adore the Gotz dolls and this group are just delightful.

    Love the artistic content of 'how to pose' in a group with no one grabbing all the limelight. They all look so well cared for and loved with their shiny, well brushed hair and pretty dresses. Four really treasured dolls.
    Many thanks Lorraine for thinking of this idea and Francis for sharing these wonderful four little beauties.
    More please.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. Thank You Francis for sharing your rare and beautiful dolls. I have yet to own one but hope to have a Gotz girl oneday. I really liked the dresses and shoes all so gentle and sensitive. Thank you Lorraine for making this treat possible.
    A very special surprise.
    Mary Kearns

  4. Gorgeous Gotz girls all of them! Super photos, Fanny has a certain way with her photos, how she poses her girls and how she dresses them, I always find them captivating. Lovely to see, thanks. Cathy x

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely comments. The girls and I felt very proud to be able to show here.
    Fanny / Frances


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