Thursday, 10 May 2012

A train drivers cap please

Next week Henry and his friends are going to be going on a train and of course what do they want but train drivers caps! to make one?


Tape Measure
A pair of unused new black sports shorts of my younger son that he refused to wear 
Some leather scraps

and voilĂ !

One down, two to go...

"Hey Henry, I've got my train cap on as well!"

"Who is the cap for that you are holding under your arm?" Harry asks Henry

"This is for one of the boys we are going to stay with", replies Henry.  "I'm not sure who is going to have it yet"

"Cool" says Harry.

"I wonder if Mum will make us some overalls as well?"

Fortunately Mum doesn't hear that comment, otherwise she might have called out, "Don't push it Henry!"


  1. super traindriver hats , wouldn't every boy want one...

  2. They look absolutely fabulous! What lucky boys!

  3. ....And who's a very clever mummy then?
    Should think that Henry and Harry and their friend are over the moon with the train driver's hats and the forth-coming trip planned.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. The hats look like they could also go on board a trawler as the captain, so very versatile!

    I hope they have a good trip and enjoy their ride on the train.


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