Saturday, 12 May 2012

Some more of Fanny's gorgeous girls....

Another 'mixed bag' post today.

First up we have a couple of gorgeous pictures of two of Fanny's lovely blonde girls in  her garden.

So sweet indeed.

Next is a gorgeous line up of some fabulous blondes in their oh so pretty dresses.

They all looks so beautifully groomed and angelic don'tthey?

Thank you Fanny, this really is a treat for us all.

I had briefly thought about taking some pictures of some of my Sasha family the garden today...until I realised that the grass was just far too long from all the rain we have had and probably would have hid them!  Hopefully now we have had a couple of dry days the ground will dry out so we can get the lawn mowed

Of course the next pictures just won't really compare with what we have just enjoyed...

A couple of items I have made for my American Girl Doll Julie.

Colourful capri's

Tasselled top with a bit of 'flower power'

Next is May's KAL (Knit a Long)I have joined in with...this time a body suit.

Nice easy knit.  Some of the ladies taking part have done the most amazing designs to jazz them up a bit, I really ought to try being a bit more adventurous.

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  1. Loving the line up of Fanny's blonde girls. So beautifully behaved too as I wish mine were.
    All looking very sweet and pretty in their dainty coloured dresses.
    Perhaps I should get mine to take a look at how it SHOULD be done!!!
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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