Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Giving & Playing

`Having been given the little teddy bear 'Harry' from Harry in the weekend, Henry thought he would give his little Paddington Bear bought down in Devon to Claudius.

"Claudius, I thought you might like a little bear to play with and  cuddle at night"

"Tank you Henry"  Claudius says as Henry hands over Paddington

Henry sits beside Claudius and tells him the story of how he got Paddington Bear in a wonderful Teddy Bear shop full of lots of Teddy Bears looking for homes and how he thought Paddington was just the bear to take home.  Claudius looks very happy with his bear and plays with him while Henry is telling the story.

Simon and Harry have just started playing a game of chess.

Having a chess programmer in the family means that there really is no excuse for the boys not to be able to play chess...

Harry thinks about his next move.

I think they are having a lazy morning still in their pyjamas...


  1. They look like they are having a very relaxing morning.

  2. I love the pajamas and the socks! Very sweet.

  3. Too cute! Henry is a sweet lad! But I'm sure they all are. :o)

  4. How kind and thoughtful of dear Henry to offer Claudius his new little Paddington Bear that he recently bought whilst on holiday in Devon since he had been given a new Teddy Bear (now named Harry) by his best friend Harry.
    He is such a generous little lad along with all his other superb endearing qualities. I'm really looking forward to meeting him at the Festival in June.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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