Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mix n Match outfits for the American Girl Dolls.

Some photos of a couple of my American Girl Dolls today and some clothing I have been making him.

Now I blame the Sasha group for me having the AG dolls.  I didn't really like them when I first saw them but decided to get one so I could make some clothes for them and well they have rather grown on me.

I wanted to make some mix and match outfits for a couple of my girls.  One is a blonde with freckles and blue eyes (Kit) and the other is a red head with freckles and green eyes (JLY37)...yet to be named.

I was given some great fabric from a friend of my in Germany when I visited her last year and had just enough fabric to make two pairs of capri pants and two simple tops.

I got rather carried away with the picture taking as the last few days have been so lovely.

Second pair of capri pants.

Relaxing in the shade.

The other day I sat in the garden and did some knitting working on a great pattern by Debonair Designs called Cabana.

I just love Deb's patterns they are so clear and easy to follow.

This morning I made Deb's Bohoh bag to go with the outfit, using a contrasting button to bring in the colours of some of the outfits in the 'Mix n Match' set I am making.

Enjoying the garden

I also did a bit of sewing this afternoon and finished the second top.

The girls enjoying the garden wearing their new outfits.

I'm looking forward to the June KAL (Knit a long) in the American Girl Knitters Group on Ravelry to make some more little outfits to compliment these that I have made so far.

I seem to be getting rather a list of things I need/want to be making!


  1. What great outfits for AG dolls! Love the fabrics and your knitted top and bag. Nice work!

  2. I love your sewn outfits, so stylish and fresh, and thank you for working my patterns, I am delighted, your workmanship shows your passion

  3. Gorgeous outfits as always!

    I also wanted to let you know that you have been nominated for a blog award! Visit my blog for the details. :o)


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