Sunday, 6 May 2012

Three boys go out to play - Harry's Holiday

Borrowing Henry's walking boots (kindly sent to Henry by Susan), and his new baggy jean shorts made by Henry's Mum this morning Harry was itching to get outside to play. 

He is certainly warmer than he was the other day...

What's Henry doing hiding behind the tree?

"I wonder where Henry is?"  Harry says.

"He is hiding over there calls Bobby", pointing in the direction of the tree Harry is approaching.

"We can see you"  Harry and Bobby cry.

"You can come out now Henry"

The boys discuss what they should do next...

Harry looks like he has an idea, and Bobby and Henry look at him expectantly...

"Climb trees!"  Harry says from up high.

"I'm the King of the Castle" Sings Harry.
"It's not a Castle silly", says Bobby it is a tree!
"Don't call him silly", says Henry   "Don't forget he is from America, maybe he has never seen what a castle looks like?"

"Oh you two are funny", calls down Harry.  "It is a saying, it goes like this, I'm the King of the Castle. You're the dirty Rascal   Surely you have heard that before in the playground?"

"Of course we have," chorus Bobby and Henry together.  "You better get down from there before Mum see's you, otherwise she will be worried, after all she would hate to send you home in plaster!"

"Come on lets go and play a game of football.  The grass is a bit long, but I'm sure we'll manage"

"You're Goalie, Bobby"

"I'm ready to defend the goal", shouts Bobby in a crouched position.

"Kick it to me Harry", calls out Henry.

"Got it..."

Henry kicks it towards the goal, Bobby crouches down to stop it...the excitement is building...

Does Bobby save the ball from scoring a goal?

"Goal!"  Cheer both Harry and Henry

Bobby stands up disappointed he lost the goal and then slumps back down onto the ground again all forlorn.

"Come on Bobby, it doesn't matter it is only a bit of fun", both Henry and Harry reassure Bobby.

"It's not that", sobs Bobby.  "I think I've hurt my foot".

"Here", says Henry.  "Lean on me and we will help you back inside"

Perhaps we can ask Mum if we can watch a film.


  1. Glad it stopped raining so Henry's visitor could get outside to play with Henry and his big brother.
    Looks like they had fun and will be suitably worn out, so mum can have some peace!

  2. Dear Lorraine

    What a lovely little story. Its tempo reminds me of Andy Pandy, Teddy and Looby Loo. I use to love those books except poor Looby Loo had to do all the work.
    I really hope you can get these little stories printed off and maybe Sasha lovers could purchase copies. I hope Bobby's foot is not
    badly hurt and there is tea waiting for them all.

    love Mary Kearns

    Love Mary Kearns

  3. Super post today. Pleased to see that Henry has two male friends to play with. Particularly like your second listed photo of Henry hiding behind the tree. I think that tree bark has a fabulous texture that shows up magnificently on photographs.
    This is the first time that I have seen these 'Kidz n' Cats dolls in action and see just how 'pose-able' they can be but not quite so keen on when the double joints are showing. Reminds me of my mother's sister's large antique double-jointed doll that I was allowed to occasionally play with when I was a young child...although thinking back she rather scared me at times with her sudden movements being a somewhat timid and shy child back then.
    Sasha love and thanks for a most enjoyable post, from Kendal.

  4. Your boys were lucky to have a dry spell to get out in the garden, all we had is rain..and more rain!!
    Bobby has a lovely face, love his eyes.


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