Sunday, 13 May 2012

Henry & Harry pack their bag for Devon?

"Your Mum said we need to start sorting out what we are going to take to Devon tomorrow", Harry tells Henry.

"Well we've got our trainers, socks, underwear and sun hats", Henry informs Harry.  "What else do we need?"

"That must be enough surely?"  Harry replies.

"Come on then, lets play now" Henry suggests.

"I haven't got any trains...but we can play with the cars and the aeroplanes" Henry says.

"Broooommm, zoom,...." Lots of noisy engine noises coming from the boys...

"Come on you two, you should really be sorting out your clothes"

"I'm going to take my new Aotearoa shirt your Mum has made for me" Harry tells Henry.

"That looks good with your hair" Henry agrees.

"Must be time for a drink and snack break"  the boys agree.

"Goodness me, you two are very easily distracted aren't you?

The boys manage to gather together some more clothes...until Mum leaves the room...they then look at each other and decide to move the table.

"Come on let's push it out of the way to make some room to play on the floor" Henry says to Harry.

"One, two, three, push!"  The boys move the table out of the way.


Oh look, Alfie has come along to join them.  "Brrom, Vrroom"

Uh oh, who's come along now?

The boys look towards Bobby who is standing there with his hands on his hips.

"I've packed my bag" he informs them.

Even Alfie stops what he is doing...

"Oh don't be a spoil sport Bobby" Henry says.  "Come and play with us.  Alfie wants you to"

Bobby sits down to play with Alfie.

Looks like the boys are enjoying themselves....when suddenly Henry says...

"Quick, I think Mum is coming, lets pack our bag so it looks like we have done it"

He hastily throws the clothes into the suitcase...

"There, that should do it" Henry says and they all return to playing.


  1. Pyjamas! They haven't got any pyjamas! They weren't on Henry's NZ checklist either :)

  2. Aw, so sweet. I love your stories. I'm always amazed at all the "accessories" e.g. the little books and toys. The detail on them are fabulous. How is Henry? I'd like to know so I can get an idea of scale when I see his toys and things.

    Madison xxx

    ps I'll keep an eye out for a small train. We have loads! DS must have one that Henry and Harry could play with.

  3. Ah...pyjamas! Henry has a pair, but I don't think Harry has. But knowing boys, I doubt if they will wear them!

  4. I love pyjamas! They have got to be one of the nicest pieces of clothing to wear :)

  5. Love the 'boy's' idea of packing...just throw them into the case and close the lid quickly before mother sees. Thinking that Harry and Bobby are leading dear Henry astray here as I remember how neatly and carefully he packed his clothes and checking his list to go to New Zealand. (Hope that there is an iron handy when you get to Laura's.)

  6. LOL! That Henry is a character for sure! Boys will be boys. :o)


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