Friday, 18 May 2012

The girls play Snakes & Ladders.

So what have the girls been up to while the boys were away I wonder?

They look like they are enjoying themselves...

What's that Amelia has in her hands?

Looks like a teddy bear she is hugging while the girls are playing their game.

"Your turn Emily - try not to slide down the snake!"  Molly tells her.

Emily, Harper, Sasha and Molly are all enjoying a game of snakes and ladders while Tommy the cat snoozes on his blanket besides Emily.

"Careful Amelia!" Cries Sasha.  "What are you doing?"

Amelia looks like a baby on a mission.

"Mind the board"  Molly tells her.

Amelia crawls over to Harper, and amazingly misses disturbing the snakes and ladders game.

She climbs up Harper and plants a big sloppy kiss,

"Oh!" splutters Harper.  "What is that for Amelia?"

Amelia gives her another kiss..."Tedsie"  she manages to say.

I think Amelia is thanking Harper for the cute little teddy bear she has given the girls.

Isn't that sweet?  

Harper still looks a little unsure at the unexpected show of affection though!


  1. Pleased to see (although I do miss Henry not appearing here) the girls enjoying themselves playing that good old favourite game of Snakes and Ladders. My 'heart was in my mouth' as Amelia started to crawl across and so close to the game board as I felt sure that she was going to knock the counters off and would be grumbled at... but luckily all was well and no harm done. Sweet photos of her kissing Harper to say thank you for the little Teddy Bear.
    Sasha love and good to have you back blogging! From Kendal.

  2. Oh! the girls are so intimate sitting on the floor in a sort of circle. All nice and close in their pretty dresses quietly having fun with a board game.
    I adore these image stories you make, so inspiring Lorraine.
    Love Mary Kearns


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