Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Final Day in Devon - Cream Tea Anyone?

After an exhausting Wednesday Harry was ready for bed without any delay tactics.

"Can I take Paddington Bear to bed with me?" He asks.

"Of course you can Henry"  

Henry snuggles down into bed with his little Paddington Bear.

"Goodnight Henry.  Goodnight Pad... Where's Paddington gone Henry?"

Henry giggles...."He's hiding"

"Goodnight, sweet dreams".

The next morning we had planned to go to Dartmoor to see the ponies, but unfortunately the day dawned wet and grey.  We set off anyway in the hope that in the direction we were going the weather would be clearer, but sadly it wasn't.

Never mind, determined to make the best of it what else to do but to stopped off at the Walled Garden Tearooms for a spot of Devonshire Tea.

The kids certainly enjoyed their cream tea.

"Is that nice Henry?"

"Delicimo!" Henry replies.

Beautiful garden, just the perfect place to stop for a Devonshire Cream Tea.

Harry seems rather impressed as well.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our most delicious scones, clotted cream and jam and cups of tea.  We left feeling rather full indeed!

This lovely cottage is home to The Walled Garden Tearooms as well as the Village Post Office and Shop.  Church Cottage  is 400 years old.  It is in the lovely picturesque village of Dunsford which is on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park.  The village is home to many thatched cottages.  It was pretty on this wet and grey day, it must look spectacular on a bright sunny day.

Thank you so much Laura for giving us such a wonderful break away.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a really special time.


  1. A super post to start my day with.
    Love how Henry looks just before his bedtime in his freshly laundered PJs and his hair brushed. Great bedroom scenery Laura, with perfect bed linen for the lads.
    Interesting visit to the Devonshire Tea Room. I'm very partial to clotted cream scones and am well known for baking them when family and friends come for afternoon tea. Do you know the difference between how the scones are eaten in Devon as opposed to Cornwall? In Devon the cream goes next to the actual scone underneath the jam (I do it this way) and in Cornwall they place the cream on top of the layer of jam.
    Delightful Sasha/Gregor sized patio wrought iron table and chairs and miniature crockery tea set. All together they make up a perfect afternoon tea scene in that beautiful little Devonshire Village.
    Sasha love and thanks from Kendal.

  2. scones and clotted cream...these bring back good memories for a non brit...
    delightful pictures, and to think that you brought the complete teaset plus the furniture, these dolls are so spoilt!

  3. Awesome photos and post, as usual. I love the thatched roof cottages! I'm sure the scenery is amazing there. One day I hope to visit. Henry and his friends are so very lucky to get to see all this beauty at such a young age. :o)


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