Monday, 21 May 2012

Devon Day Three Part Two - Totnes to Dartmouth

Boarding the Ferry at Totnes the boys set off on the 90 minute river cruise to Dartmouth.

Harry & Henry get out their little boat to play with.

Oliver comes along to join in with the game.

They were thrilled to see quite a lot of wildlife, from the buzzards soaring above, some kestrals, herons nesting and some Little Egret in the distance.

They spotted some Shelduck

Canadian geese nesting

Some Cormorant.

Most exciting for they boys though was being escorted into Dartmouth by the Royal Navy.

The Naval College on the hill.

On the seafront of Dartmouth the boys enjoy a spot of fishing and playing with their boats.

Seems they didn't notice the sign that said 'No Fishing off the Pontoons'.

Before long the Ferry arrived ready to take them over to Kingswear ready for the Steam train ride back to Totnes.

The two red head lads enjoy a bit more birdwatching armed with their binoculars and camera.

Kingswear Station coming up!

Henry 'the Engine Driver' and Oliver 'the Ticket Inspector' wait for the train to arrive.

"Here it comes"  Henry calls.  Poor Oliver faints from the excitement.

Never mind...Oliver soon recovers and gets to experience first hand the engine and standing on the foot plate with Henry.

After the tea break the Engine is moved to the front of the train...or is it the back of the train?

Here it comes towards the viewing carriage.

"Look!" Henry exclaims, "It is going to tow us backwards".

The engine is coupled to the the viewing carriage and off they set.

Henry enjoys the scenery

Oliver collects a ticket from one of the passengers.

Before long the train journey is finished.  The boys get to admire the Engine Hercules one last time before it is driven off for the night.


  1. Lorraine!!!
    This is such a great photo story. I love old trains...So nice to see the boys enjoying themselves and the real conductors too.

  2. What an absolutely FABULOUS fun and interesting day the four boys had. What memories to look back on in the years to come.
    Steam trains hold such a fascination for everybody, old and young alike.
    We have some still in action near here and they provide good quality time and experiences for family day outings.
    Loved looking at the trip up the Dartmouth Estuary and seeing all the water wildfowl. I once did a topic on geese and ducks with the children in school and finally we went to Martin's Mere up in the north here to see them in real life enjoyed seeing and recognising their characteristic markings once again. Once there each child bought a 10p duck bun to feed them with and they loved that experience.
    Sasha love and thanks from Kendal.

  3. Another great post! I bet you & your little crew was a big hit everywhere you went! What a fun time and an interesting journey all of you had. :o)

  4. Hi Lorraine, it is an enchanting world you create with your gorgeous Sashas. I just love being able to share the enjoyment of it all! Loved the Devon bits. The 'kids' look just like kids. Excellent positioning and great photography. I love all your Sasha sized items, too. Totally magical! Thanks. Karin xxx


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