Friday, 20 December 2013

Advent Day Twenty

It is Caleb's turn to open the door today and he has asked both Monica and Peggy Sue to help him.

Both him and Monica are feeling sorry for Peggy Sue as she has been 'evicted' from her 'room' and was feeling a little sad.

Oh can I?  Asks Peggy Sue.  How exciting!

Now where is that door?  They all wonder.

They search all over the calendar for it.

Ah there it is!  Both Monica and Caleb spot it at the same time.  It is down there.

Caleb practices what he calls one of his 'moves' to reach down to the door, while the girls watch on.

He opens the door...

...and pulls out a little package.  The girls look on eagerly wondering what is inside.

Look, he says, as he holds the bag out for them to see.

Oh how sweet.  Both Peggy Sue and Monica say together.

Caleb holds up the mother hedgehog for a closer look.

More animals for the Winter Wonderland scene, how perfect.  He says.

Now where shall we put them?

How about down there?  Monica suggests.

Caleb puts the hedgehogs down and gives the apple to Father Christmas

The hedgehogs, mummy and baby, wander over to say hello to the others.

Very sweet.

This is so wonderful.  How lucky are we?  Peggy Sue says to Caleb and Monica.

We really are lucky aren't we? Caleb says.  Not long now until Christmas Day!

Caleb poses for his Christmas photo.

Handsome lad, Caleb is from the early 70s.

Close up of his face.

Monica of course opened the window on Day Two with Molly, but didn't have her portrait photo taken.

A gorgeous Brunette Sasha from 1971.

Of course we can't leave out Peggy Sue.

Dear Peggy Sue, a stripped down to bare wood Schoenhut Miss Dolly from around 1914 with a replacement wig and hand painted by (so you have to forgive her looks!) 


  1. I've always had a soft spot for Hedgehogs so great to see these two join the Winter's scene. It's lovely when you have one that frequents your garden for food and water.
    (My sister used to collect hedgehog items made from a variety of materials and has quite an interesting collection.)
    Great way that you are building up, via this Advent calendar opening, a complete photographic record of your dolls at the end of 2013.

  2. So nice to include Peggy Sue and she is so cute in her red dress and nice socks and shoes. Caleb looks great in his bright colors too. Monica is a favorite of mine, what a beauty!!!! Almost Christmas :)


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