Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Henry & Rory build a Snowman

Henry and Rory discovered the little Lego snowman kit the other day and set about making it.

Henry was very intent on what he was doing

This looks like it might be difficult.  What do you think Rory shall we have a go?  Henry asks.

You bet Henry.  Rory replies.

Gosh look at all these pieces!  Shall we just start with two packets for now?  Henry suggests.

Sounds like a good idea to me.  Rory agrees.

They make a start.

Henry I don't think we have enough pieces.  We are going to have to open the other two packets.  Rory says.

That is better a bit more progress is being made.

This is really fiddly don't you think?  Rory asks Henry.

Henry agrees.  It is hard when most of pieces are all white!  Mum would have to hold them at arms length without her glasses...good thing she has us to make it!  The boys have a little giggle together at the thought of Mum trying to make this lego snowman.

Lots of concentration and just the right tilting of the head is needed.

Progress is steady and the snowman is taking shape.

Gee Rory, the snowman is looking really good.  You are pretty good at making Lego!  Henry tells Rory.

Thanks Henry, I love making things with Lego.  Rory replies.

Ta da!  The boys have finished and are looking very pleased with their happy looking snowman.

We will have to put him with the little Lego Father Christmas and the Christmas tree and see if Mum will take a photo of them all together.  Henry suggests to Rory and off they trot to see if they can find Mum.


  1. Two very clever lads! Great finished article. (Would have been beyond me!)

  2. I like these miniature Lego fact I like Lego full stop! I need a trip to Toys R Us!

  3. What a great snowman!! Way to go Henry and Rory :)


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