Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent Day Two

Monica it is our turn to open the Advent Calendar today.  Molly tells Monica.

Would you like to take the gift out while I open the door?  She asks.

Oh yes please.  Monica replies.

Molly opens the door for Monica

Monica reaches in and takes out the gift.

Oh I wonder what it is?  Monica says.

It looks like it might be a tree. Molly suggests.

Oh it is!  See if you can help me put it together.  Molly tells Monica.

I think this bit goes on here.  Monica says.

The girls make up the little Christmas tree.

Doesn't it look sweet?  They both say together.

Let's go and put it on the Winter Wonderland scene.  Monica suggests to Molly.

With the tree in place and the little tree stump for the squirrel to sit on, the girls stand and admire the scene.

Isn't it just lovely?  Exclaims Monica.

Oh it sure is.  Molly sighs.

The girls start singing 'A winter wonderland' as they wander off to tell the others.

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  1. Another two delightful Trendon girls politely sharing as all children should. Particularly love Monica's hair, the way it falls so beautilly at the fringe and down the back.
    Look forward to visiting here again later on when day three has been opened and added to the scene.


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