Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Advent Day Eleven

Charlotte and Victoria are the Advent door openers for today

What a you thinking about Victoria?  Charlotte asks.

Oh I was just wondering what we would find in there today?  Victoria answers.

Well shall we see?  Charlotte suggests.

They look for door number eleven.  

Here it is!  Victoria says as she points to the door.

Charlotte opens the door.

Victoria leans over to see what is inside.

Oh, she says a little surprised.  It is a little basket.  I thought there might have been a bit more than that inside today's door.

Well I guess they will need a basket as well for the different foods that the animals will need.  Charlotte suggests.  

I guess you are right.  Says Victoria.  I shall put the basket down here for now.

Victoria leans down to put the basket beside the sled.

There, what do you think?  She asks Charlotte.

I think that is the perfect position for it.  Charlotte replies.

The girls pose for their Christmas portrait.

Charlotte was bought for me by my husband when we went to visit Shelly back in May 2011.  She was one of the three (!) girls that came home with us that day.  I think he thought I was only ever going to have those three plus the ones I already had and that would be the end of it.  Poor deluded man!  Fortunately he likes them almost as much as I do, and is quite happy for them to be dotted around the place.  Charlotte is a 1971 Blonde Gingham.

Victoria was also bought in 2011 and arrived in November.  She was minty mint in tube with that 'new doll' smell which fortunately she still has as I love it!  She is also a Blonde Gngham from 1970.

Both very similar, but also different.

Charlotte & Victoria



Pretty girls, I do like my blondes very much.

Lastly a picture of Victoria's eyes.  


  1. How lovely Charlotte and Victoria look in their pretty Christmas dresses! It is nice to have a basket handy because you never know what may end up in it ;)

    1. How true Ginger, that basket may well come in handy and they will be pleased to have it!

  2. I've always thought that the 1970/71 blonde girls are always very pretty (as are Charlotte and Victoria) with their blue eyes and star-burst pupils and represent well the typical little English girl.

    I too, thought like them that there could have been something actually in the basket especially as two of them were sharing today's opening. Perhaps we have to play 'the waiting game' and it will appear in another day's window.

    1. I have to admit to them being my favourite, just something about the blonde blue eyed girls that really speaks to me.

      I think they will be looking on to see what can go in 'their' basket!

  3. Both girls are stunning. I love the two-toned hair on the early blondes. Their dresses are absolutely amazing!

    1. The two toned blonde hair is quite pretty isn't it? Thank you for the lovely compliment about on their dresses.

  4. These two are lovely girls! I'm very keen on the blonds from the early part of the 1970s!

    1. Thank you Sharon, and congratulations on your early blonde girl who is especially pretty indeed.

  5. What lovely little girls and you have dressed them so beautifully. I think they should hunt around the garden to find things for that basket.


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