Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Advent Day Eighteen

It is the turn of the twins, James and Connor to open the window today and they are helped by Henry who wanted to be in on the action.

They look for the door

It doesn't take them long to find it and James opens the door for Connor.

I wonder what will be in there today.  They both think.

It is a real team effort with these two who do everything together.

Connor reaches in...

....pulls out the bag.

Oh look James.  Connor says as he holds up the bag for James to look.

Three birds!  How wonderful!  They all exclaim with excitement.

They hold the birds up to show each other.

I've got a woodpecker.  Connor says.

I've got a white dove.  James says.

I've got a little robin.  Henry shows them.

These are all birds we have had in our garden.  Henry states.

I'm going to put the woodpecker on that branch.  Connor tells them.

He leans over and pops the woodpecker on a branch.

There you go Mr Woodpecker,  he says.

I'm going to put the dove down here.  James says.

He leans down...

and puts the dove on a branch with some snow on it.

Connor and James are chatting away when Henry notices something...

Hey guys, he says.  The woodpecker has swapped places!

Look it is on the feeder now.  He tells them.

They look at him disbelievingly... You moved it Henry!  They say together.

No I didn't.  Henry tells them.  I really didn't - I think it must have wanted to feed like the woodpecker  in our garden does sometimes.

The twins James and Connor pose, somewhat reluctantly for their Christmas photos.  These two boys are always together and have to wear the same clothes - the occasionally allow different coloured buttons, as on their shirts, but that is the limit to how different they are 'allowed' to dress.

James, red head 68 shorts boy.

Connor, 68 Brunette Jeans boy.


  1. What a lovely looking bunch of boys you all are and how great to have all those little birds in your garden. We have seagulls flying over but I've only ever seen a little wren in our small patch.

    1. We are really lucky with the variety of birds we get in our garden. I love watching them.

  2. It's a good job that 'Dear' Henry was there or else the twins might have had an arguiment as to who was to place the third bird onto the scene.
    The twin's trousers are an excellent colour match for their waiscoats.
    Three very handsome Gregors featured today!

    1. Indeed Kendal, although the twins are so in tune with each other that they rarely argue so I am sure they would have come up with some solution. It was nice for Henry though.

      I think they each think themselves rather handsome as well!

  3. All of your boys look so handsome in their holiday vests!!! The pretty birds look wonderful in your wintery scene and it is such fun to see the boys place them :)


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