Saturday 21 December 2013

Advent Day Twenty One

Henry is delighted to be sharing the opening of the Advent Calendar with his two visitors from Wales.

It is my Mum & Dad's wedding Anniversary today so this is a pretty special day.  Henry tells them.  How perfect that you should arrive today as it is my turn to open the calendar.

The boys watch on as Henry opens the door.

What do you think will be inside today?  They ask.

Well it looks like there might be a couple of rabbits in the bag... Henry replies.

Oh yes how wonderful!  I've got the carrots.  Emrys tells them.

I think they will enjoy eating these!

I've got a little rabbit.  Says James.

He holds the rabbit up for them to see.

I've got the other little rabbit.  Says Henry.

My one is a little grey rabbit.

The boys decide where they are going to put the rabbits and the carrots.

I've put the carrots on Santa's sled so he can deliver them.  Emrys tells them.

Santa is going to be busy delivering all the food to the animals.

We've put the rabbits down with the other couple of rabbits that arrived earlier.  Henry tells Emrys.

They look very happy nibbling the carrots.

Henry with his two visitors, Emrys and James,  who arrived today.  (Can read about their arrival here.)

I have a feeling these three lads are going to be a handful!

Henry posing for his Christmas photo.

My lovely handsome boy.


  1. Phew! They made it! Sorry if it interrupted your anniversary celebrations, Lorraine.
    Thanks for making them welcome, Henry.
    You two lads, behave yourselves! Auntie Lorraine has full parental cancelling Christmas powers over you, should you get up to mischief.
    Jenni xx

    1. Oh it didn't interrupt any plans Jenni, never fear! I am sure the boys will behave themselves...well as far as little boys can anyway!

  2. Firstly, a very happy wedding aniversary to you and Mark.
    My daughter got married two days before a Christmas and my sister two days after a Christmas so both were very busy times dealing with those on top of Christmas.

    Looks like you are going to have quite a busy time again over this Christmas with your two extra lad guests.....,but how exciting for 'Dear' Henry.

    Only four more days of opening the calendar's windows then and one of them has to be the female figure. (What are the two little furry grey and black creatures right at the front of the calendar in the middle or have we had them?)

    1. Thank you Kendal.

      Not sure what they are Kendal...we will have to wait and see! There is actually only three more days, there is no window for Christmas day.

      Yes, looks like we will be kept extra busy over the Christmas holidays with two more little boys to keep things exciting!

  3. How nice for Henry to have holiday guests!! They are a handsome trio and James looks like a rare blue eyed brunette. How very special for Henry to host at Christmas time. The Advent scene is most robust with activities. Merry Christmas everyone!!! :)


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