Monday, 9 December 2013

Advent Day Nine

Yeah, it is our turn today Emily!  Liebe says.

I am so glad, I hoped it would be our turn today.  Emily tells Liebe.

So shall we see if we can find the door for today?  Liebe asks.

Here it is.  Emily says as she points to the door.

Emily opens the door.

Liebe reaches in to get the gift out.  I love how she leans over and stands on her tip toes!

Oh, it looks quite big.  She says as she pulls it out.

Gosh it is, isn't it?  Emily agrees.

Shall we see what we have got.  Liebe asks.

The girls open the package.

Oh look, a little hay manger, some hay and a pitchfork!  Emily says.

The animals will need this, over the cold season won't they?  Liebe observes.

The girls set up the manger onto the Winter Wonderland scene.

Santa will be pleased!  This will help him ensure the animals are all well fed.

The girls pose for their Christmas photo.

Liebe has been with me since July 2011 and is a 60s Gotz Slate Eyed girl.    Emily is my little scarred 60s Gotz Ponytail my husband bought me in May 2011 when we went to visit Shelly.

Emily & Liebe

The comment was made the other day about 2011 being a good year for me in terms of my Sasha collection and indeed it was.  When looking up my records I realise that most of the dolls bought in that year are the ones that have stayed with me.  All are very special for one reason or another.


  1. Always love the Gotz girls! They could easily be sisters (Emily, to me, looks the younger of the two with her larger eyes and hair caught back in a ponytail) or if not, cousins.
    When I visited Shelly and met her for the very first time I picked up a doll from her but it was already paid for beforehand. A nice momento.

    Is there a photo or guide as to where to position the items or can you choose where to place them. Will make a super toy for them all to play with afterwards.

    1. Emily was an 'undecided' I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her photo, but wanted to check the 'scarring' in person first before I committed. Of course, it made no difference and she came home with us along with Amber and Charlotte. I think DH was just as impressed with all the amazing dolls and Shelly's set up as I was.

      The girls and boys just place the little items where they want to. I am sure it will change several times before it is finished, and then yes, will be a great toy for them all to play with afterwards.

  2. I'm not fond of the early Gotz Sasha's but these too are rather good.

    1. Thank you, I think they are rather good as well, and like you have decided (after trial and error) I am not so keen on the early Gotz either. Some I really do like though and these two and Amber are right there among the 'very special' :-)

  3. These little sisters are just beautiful

  4. Emily and Liebe look wonderful in their festive dresses and I noticed they both have stars which are so appropriate for these stellar girls. Ryder still talks about Emily and her whisperings before he flew home. He will not share what she said but I know it was sweet ;). Liebe looks a bit older to me too and more experienced. I love their sweet expressions, very individual and unique to each girl.

    So happy the girls brought food and bedding to the scene and Santa is sure to be happy too!

    1. Ha ha, they do indeed, do you know I never even noticed they both had stars! Silly, especially as I made the dresses! Of course I should be saying ' 'it was planned this way! ' ;-)


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