Friday, 6 December 2013

Advent Day Six

Hey Danni, it is our turn to open the Advent Calendar today.  Tilly Rose tells Danni. Do you want to open the door or shall I?

I'll open the door and you can take the gift out.  Danni suggests to Tilly Rose.

The girls look for door number six.

Searching, searching....

There it is!  The both exclaim at the same time.

They also both reach down at the same time and bump heads giggling!

Ooh, look at what you've got.  Danni says excitedly.

It is Santa! Tilly Rose says with glee.

Here put his hat on for me please Danni.  Tilly Rose asks.

The girls pop Santa down near the little deer and badger.

Santa checks on his little animal friends.

Ah, just look at that! The girls chorus together.  

I can't believe we got Santa!  Danni tells Tilly Rose.

Aren't we lucky?  Tilly Rose agrees.  Just wait until the other kids hear, they are going to be SOOOO jealous!

The girls pose together for an Advent photo.

Danni & Tilly Rose, my two 'altered' Trendon 'girls'. 

Tilly Rose is a 1974 blonde re-root by Sarah Williams of Vintage Sasha.

Danni is a wigged 1970 London Gregor whose hair sadly fell out upon his arrival here.


  1. So nice that Danni has found Santa and he looks right at home with the animals!!! So sweet, thank you!!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Ginger. Lovely for both the girls.

  2. I just love Danni! I think she's my very favorite of all your dolls. I'm glad she got the Santa! :-)

    1. She is a sweetie isn't she. Quite a surprise as the wig was one I had 'written' off as being any good, and was just going to be a 'temporary' measure for Danni, but seems it is perfect for her!

  3. That's a prize item window opening then!
    Good choice of putting your two 'altered' dolls as partners today. This 'falling hair' syndrome is such a disappointment in our Sasha World. I'm thinking then the Danni and 'Dear' Henry are from the same year of the Trendon manufacture. What domthey look like compared to each other? Are their eye colours similar or are Henry's darker?
    Tilly-Rose is a really pretty girl with her unusual combination of blue eyes and brunette hair. Nice idea for them to have a photo together as a memento of the calendar opening.

    1. It was indeed wasn't it? I am just loving all these surprises.

      I will have to take a photo of both Henry and Danni's eyes for you Kendal :-)


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