Monday, 23 December 2013

Introducing my Anniversary Gift.

The other day (21st December 2013) Henry found a package.

Oh, I wonder what this can be?  Sounds like there might be someone inside.  He thinks to himself.

He opens it up..

Yes I can definitely hear something inside.

Ooh, a box...this looks odd.

Knock, knock, knock....Henry knocks on the 'door'.  Anyone in there?  He calls out.

Yes, it is I?  A strange voice replies.  

Henry is a little startled.  Who is this boy in the strange suit?

Hello, who are you?  Henry asks.

I am Prince George Alexander Emmanuel.  The boy replies.  But really that is quite a mouthful and I am happy to be called George or Alex.

What you have three names and you are happy to be called either of two different names?  Henry asks.  Doesn't that get complicated?  

Well yes, it can do.  The boy replies.  But I don't mind either of those two names.  

What's with the strange velvet clothes?  Henry asks.

This is my Prince Outfit,  the boy replies.  However somewhere along my travels I lost my sash and my socks.

You lost your socks?  Henry giggles....You will fit right in at home here then!  We are always loosing ours or getting them muddled up.  Mum keeps asking us if the socks get up and walk away!

Hopefully she will make you a pair of socks?  We can always ask her.  Henry suggests.

Well only if you are sure she won't mind, the boy replies.

No, Mum won't mind, she is always making us something!  Henry reassures him.  Come on lets also find you some new clothes to change into as well.  Perhaps something a bit more Christmassy as the rest of us have Christmas gear on.  After all it isn't long now until Christmas.

Introducing my lovely new boy my husband bought me from our Wedding Anniversary.

1985 Prince Gregor (Otherwise known as George Alexander Emmanuel and waiting to see what the rest of the kids call him!)

A little while later, before he has had a chance to change, Henry introduces him to James and Emrys. 

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  1. He is gorgeous Lorraine ! Love him, & hope he & Henry become fast friends, a wonderful Anniversary gift! Enjoy George as I know you will! What will he wear for his first Christmas with you! Merry Christmas ! Di


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