Sunday, 22 December 2013

Advent Day Twenty Two

Meredith is joined by Sasha and Danni today.

They are looking for the door number 22.

There it is.  Meredith points to the lower right hand corner.

She leans down and opens the little door.

Pulls out the little package and holds it up to show Sasha and Danni.

What sort of animals are they?  She wonders.

I'm not sure,  they reply.  I don't think we get them here.

I think it might be a raccoon.  Meredith tells them.

Perhaps they hitched a ride with Santa?  She suggests.

Well now they are here, we might as well introduce them to the other little animals.  Sasha suggests.

That is a good idea.  Meredith agrees.

I'm going to put mine down here.  Danni says.

The girls put the raccoons down with the hedgehogs and badgers.

There looks to be plenty of food for all the little animals to share.

The raccoons make their way over to say hello to the little hedgehogs and badgers.

The rabbits and mice are enjoying a load of carrots.

The birds are eating from the seed ring.

Meredith poses for her Christmas photo.

Meredith is a Blue Cord girl from 1966 with eyes painted by Kristina.

She has only had two owners, myself and the person I bought her from who had her since new.

Close up of her large puddle eyes.  


  1. What a wonderful Advent Calendar this is! I'm really enjoying each day!

  2. Oh! So they were raccoons that I was wondering which animal they were. I should really have recognised them as i thought that they looked familiar from the calendar photo. Gosh only TWO more days of openings and then Christmas is here. Hasn't the time gone so fast since the 1st of December!

    Who is left to open the last two days? We still have the female figure to come from one of the remaining windows. Can you see from the calendar which other item is still to come as you are closer to it there?
    Have we had all the animals now? Could it be more food or perhaps an item in which to place the food?

    Any clues please?

  3. Meredith is just stunning!!! She looks so pretty in the dress you made for her :). So nice to add a raccoon but I do love the birds :).

  4. my girl and I are enjoying your Sasha crew taking it in turns with the Advent Calendar.


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